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Sneeze guards made in america.

You are concerned, your staff is concerned – Sneeze GuardEZ provides the perfect solution to reducing the spread of germs in minutes. With locations in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, Kenosha & Minneapolis we’re your 1 stop shop. Nationwide Shipping Also!

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Walmart Installs Sneeze Guards

Sneeze Shields & Acrylic Barriers for sale Nationwide

Sneeze GuardEZ was founded during trying times – the COVID-19 pandemic shifted the perspectives of many businesses and consumers alike.

With many local companies and SMB’s deemed essential to both the public and economy, a solution for fast and affordable products that minimize the spread of germs needed to be created. With the sole focus of creating a product that could be installed within minutes, all while being highly effective in combating the Coronavirus spread the team at Office Furniture Warehouse set out to create this answer to the problem many did not realize we had.

Our everyday interactions with one another needed to be safer and not solely because of COVID-19. During flu season many people with compromised immune systems fall ill and end up with serious complications. Why have safety measures not been implemented to diminish these fatalities we’ve been seeing for years?

Are Sneeze Guards Right for my Business?

A simple visit to your bank, attorney or grocery store could leave you or those you interact with daily vulnerable. Sneeze guards have been used for many years within the food preparation industry. It little to no inconvenience for similar acrylic barriers to be used across multiple other open-to-the-public establishments.

Plexiglass Safety Barriers for Preventing the Spread of Germs

Custom 24

Our easy to install sneeze guards or as sometimes referred to as breath guards are constructed of acrylic plexiglass panels in various heights. Proprietary machined aluminum plexiglass clamps are then used to fix the acrylic panels to nearly any surface, such as the checkout counter at your local retailer.

Cut-to-Order Sneeze Guard Panels in the Midwest

Not only do we sell plexiglass panels in standard sizes, but we also can customize them to fit nearly any application. Cut to fit acrylic panels for accountants or tax offices allow you to maintain communication while preventing unneeded direct face to face exposure.

Materials We Use

Frosted Cough Barriers

All of our standard safety barriers are made from clear plastic (either acrylic or polycarbonate) and work great for social distancing precautions in such times as the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, we offer colored panels, frosted glass, non-glare and privacy panel options which are great for open-plan offices that need sneeze barriers.

Upon request, we can offer bent acrylic sneeze guards, custom sneezeguard frames and other miscellaneous sneeze guard parts.

Industries that use our Sneeze Barriers & Panels

  • Self-service food
  • Curbside pickup
  • Drivethroughs
  • Gas stations
  • Grocery stores
  • Banks
  • Accountants & Tax Preparation
  • Retail stores
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Healthcare clinics

And many other businesses that have requirements in place for sneeze guards.

Reducing the Spread of Droplet & Aerosolized Particles

Sneeze GuardEZ are an effective solution to help reduce the spreads of common viruses such as Influenza A and COVID-19. Research from the US National Library of Medicine states many viruses can be aerosolized when an individual sneezes.

Within the hierarchy of controls set forth by the CDC, physical barriers are a recommended standard of PPE for healthcare facilities.

Nationwide Plexiglass Shields

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed our day-to-day life and business operations as we were once accustomed to. Precautions once deemed ‘unnecessary’ will now be the new norm. 

How do we keep everyone safe and healthy while also maintaining the collaborative and social environments we all know and love?

That’s what our product development and marketing team at Office Furniture Warehouse set out to uncover.

The solution? An affordable and highly effective acrylic divider that easily reduces the spread of germs while interacting with customers in the workplace. The versatility of this product makes it the best sneeze guard on the market. 

“Where can I use this sneeze guard?”

Glad you asked! Our Sneeze Guard can be used in commercial food preparation areas, gas stations and convenience stores, grocery store checkout lanes, tax preparation offices, law offices, insurance, real estate… you get the point. It can be customized to work absolutely anywhere. 


Sneeze Guards & Barriers for any Application

Sneeze Guards & Panel Extenders for Offices

Adding cubicle panel extenders to open-plan offices can drastically reduce the spread of bacteria and airborne pathogens. Our panel extenders come in nearly unlimited variations to fit the needs of any office space. Affordably extend panel heights from 41″, 53″ up to 65″ or higher. These clear Plexiglas panels will allow you to maintain the open feel without the disadvantages of low profile cubicle walls.

Sneeze Barriers for Restaurants

Whether you operate a self serve style restaurant, drive-through or curbside pickup — sneeze guards can be a useful option to mitigate exposure between customers, delivery drivers and even close quarter staff interactions. Maintaining the mandated 6-foot distance from other staff members is especially difficult in the foodservice industry. Sneeze or ‘breath guards’ can provide a realistic solution to this problem.

Sneeze Guards for Retail Stores

Keeping your staff and customers safe and healthy is your number one priority. Sneeze barriers are an easy and affordable solution to mitigate the spread of germs and airborne pathogens in all sorts of retail outlets. Our clear plexiglass panels can be customized to fit in nearly all checkout aisles, cash register stations, POS desks, and reception counters. Food retailers such as butchers and deli shops can increase their health and safety measures in minutes with these simple sneeze panels.

Buy Discount Sneeze Guard Panels Online or In-store

Where to buy sneeze guard?

Sneeze GuardEZ sells affordable plexiglass barriers throughout the United States online via Amazon and through our local retail stores located in Kenosha, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Twin Cities & Madison WI. Contact us for more information.

How high should a sneeze guard be?

Depending on the application, sneeze guards are typically installed in 12″, 18″, 20″ all the way up to 48″ high. When applying cubicle panel extenders a height of 12″ or 18″ is usually sufficient. However, for countertop applications which are typically found in gas stations or local grocery stores heights of 36″ or 48″ may be more appropriate. 

How does a sneeze guard work?

Sneeze guards offer a simple solution that prevents the unwanted spread of airborne pathogens or germs. They do this by placing a barrier between two or more people. For example, checkout lanes at your local retail store, such as Walmart promote a close-quarter interaction between the staff and the customer. These are also popular within the food industry to minimize the spread of germs where food is being either displayed for purchase or for self serve, such as in buffets. 

How to install a sneeze guard?

Our sneeze guards come with simple instructions for DIY installation. They use simple aluminum brackets and hardware that can be installed with basic hand or power tools. If you need to hire someone, try looking for a reliable local contractor experienced with installing barriers.

When is a sneeze guard required?

Local, state or even federal laws are often put in place to ensure the safety of the general public. At times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, many temporary orders are put in place by municipalities to heighten the safety precautions. Aside from government-mandated orders — many corporate policies are enacted in large and small businesses that require their store to abide by further precautionary measures.  

Other information about our plexiglass panels 

Sneeze guard for reception areas

Your business reception or greeting area is typically at the highest risk for spreading unnecessary germs and bacteria. Adding a plexiglass safety barrier between your staff and the clientele that enter your establishment can greatly reduce their risk.

Sneeze guard for food safety

Perhaps one of the most common uses for sneeze guards is in the food industry. Buffet tables, deli counters, and restaurants are held to high standards when it comes to keeping everyone safe and healthy. Adding a sneeze panel to your salad bar, steam table or catering buffet line can put customer’s minds at ease!

Best prices for sneeze guards

Sneeze GuardEZ model revolves around offering highly effective and affordable solutions to businesses both small and large to help keep everyone safe and healthy!

Are sneeze guards required?

Check with your local municipality for information regarding requirements for your business. Every state has different health regulations.

Sneeze guard installation near me

For some organizations installing dozens or even hundreds of sneeze barriers can be far too much work for them to take on with their staff. We offer delivery and installation on all the acrylic panels we sell. We also can work with other installation professionals nationwide for those companies outside our service area.

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Freestanding Sneeze Guard Panel Pricing

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