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Sneeze Guards Chicago Plexiglass Shields & Cubicle Panel Extenders

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We outfit businesses and municipalities throughout the city of Chicago with protective shields and sneeze guard barriers to protect staff and customers. During these difficult times, COVID-19 has reshaped the way we approach safety and virus prevention. Safety precautions are now at the forefront of operable businesses, and sneeze guards offer a simple yet effective solution to keep everyone safe. Business owners throughout the Windy City are asking: 

How can we keep our staff, customers, and visitors safe while providing a collaborative and inviting experience? 

That’s where Sneeze GuardEZ can help! We offer affordable and reliable sneeze guard shields and protective barriers that can keep staff, customers, and visitors safe. Take advantage of our high-quality and durable panels made right here in the USA. 

We’ve helped outfit Chicago businesses with the very best sneeze guard solutions in the country. Use these barriers in interactive areas where staff communicate with one another or with customers. Help give your patrons peace of mind and the reassurance they need that you’re taking all of the safety precautions you can to keep them safe. We’ve equipped Chicago businesses with sneeze guards for their: 

  • Reception 
  • Check-out counters
  • Cubicles 
  • Workout equipment 
  • Operatories 
  • Casino equipment 
  • Custom solutions
  • And more

Our affordable and effective protective dividers and cubicle extenders can be used in nearly any industry, protecting both staff and customers from harmful germs and viruses. Our transparent barriers don’t hinder interactive or collaborative work environments, which means it’s business as usual. Sneeze GuardEZ is the national leader in sneeze guard solutions, helping Chicago businesses and municipalities keep up with safety efforts and compliance. 

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Sneeze GuardEZ — Made in the USA from locally sourced raw materials. We have exactly what you need for the safety of your employees and customers! With affordable shipping directly to your Chicago business or home, we’re your one-stop-shop.

How Does the Sneeze Guard Work? 

The sneeze guard is a protective barrier made from high-quality materials that prevent water droplets from contaminating others. When we speak, these droplets emit from our mouths, contributing to the spread of illnesses. Unfortunately, recent events have increased social distancing measures and have significantly impacted collaborative or communicative environments that so many Chicago businesses rely on. Whether it’s between team members or with customers, interactions are key for a productive and successful business. The sneeze guard maintains the transparent line of sight while allowing for seamless face-to-face communication. 

Industries We Serve 

We serve a diverse range of industries with sneeze guard technology. Our affordable solutions are crafted right here in the USA and offer unparalleled protection for nearly every market. Here are some of the most popular industries we serve. 

Dental Offices 

The dental industry faces some of the most high-risk issues when it comes to COVID-19. The nature of dentistry means dealing with water droplets and fluids on a day to day basis. We help outfit dental offices with sneeze guard protection for both reception areas — and custom solutions for operatories to protect both staff and patients during procedures. 

Eye Care Clinics 

We’ve helped eye care clinics give patients and administrative staff peace of mind during their eye appointment by outfitting their office with protective sneeze guard barriers. 

Chiropractor Clinics

The reception area plays a major role in the chiropractic experience, which is why we’ve equipped so many chiropractic clinics with sneeze guard barriers to protect both staff and patients. 


As more and more gyms begin to open back up, safety is of the utmost concern. We’ve helped countless gyms and workout facilities improve their protective efforts with sneeze guard barriers for their equipment. Whether it’s weightlifting equipment or treadmills, these protective barriers can help keep everyone safe while they workout. 


Protect your casino’s customers with sneeze guard barriers between slot machines, poker tables, or other close-quarters areas where staff or patrons may interact. We’re also able to create custom solutions to fit your exact needs. 


As the national leader in sneeze guard protection, we’ve helped outfit entire hospitals with shatter-resistant protective barriers. Our team will work with you from beginning to end, ensuring that every area is equipped with the protection it needs to keep staff and patients safe. 

Grocery Stores 

Here at Sneeze GuardEZ, we’ve worked with thousands of grocery stores around the country to offer unparalleled protection for their customers and staff. 

Sneeze Guard Solutions in Chicago

We house a wide variety of sneeze guard solutions in various sizes to help you protect your Chicago business. Take advantage of our diverse selection and custom solutions so that you can keep your business safe. 

Sneeze Guard Panels & Barriers 

Our sneeze guard panels and protective barriers come in various sizes and shapes to fit your exact needs. Constructed out of high-quality and transparent materials, you’ll be able to keep your staff and customers safe without hindering communication. Made right here in the USA, our panels are super easy to install. All you need is a flat head screwdriver and a little elbow grease, and you can attach the panels to the brackets with ease. 


Already have your own plexiglass or plastic sheets? That’s not an issue! We can help you adjust or extend your current solution with high-quality extender brackets. Made from durable aluminum, our brackets have a bead blasted finish that our expert metal fabricators have perfected. In addition, we utilize a 3M VHB Aircraft-grade backing to help adhere to your barrier to increase stability. 

Custom Sneeze Guards + Protective Barriers 

Every business is unique, and some industries have specific needs for their sneeze guard barriers. While we offer a wide range of sizes and shapes, sometimes a custom sneeze guard is the best solution. Our experienced design team, engineers, CNC programmers, and metal fabricators have created some incredibly unique barriers. We’ll work with you from start to finish to produce a custom sneeze guard option that works for you. 

The Very Best Protection in Chicago

The world is changing, and your business needs to change along with it to keep staff and customers safe during these troubling times. Here at Sneeze GuardEZ, we believe in providing affordable and reliable sneeze guard barriers and shields to help your business remain successful. 

Our wide selection of sizes and styles, coupled with our custom design options — offers the very best in sneeze guard solutions for your Chicago business. 

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