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Throughout this past year, nearly every business needed to adapt safety protocols for the pandemic. Even though social distancing requirements are shifting, the lessons learned from the pandemic remain. Most notably, applying health safety additions, especially during cold & flu season, can help stop the spread of germs from patients and providers. 

While there are several ways to implement safety standards in chiropractic offices, sneeze guards are one of the most essential and versatile additions. Not only are they highly efficient, but they also blend seamlessly into your space. 

Let’s examine the ways that chiropractic clinics can protect patients with plexiglass barriers. 

How Do Plexiglass Barriers Protect Patients in Chiropractic Offices?

Due to the nature of chiropractic care, exam rooms, waiting rooms, and even reception areas are considered high-risk areas. This reason is why the CDC recommends adding as many safety measures as possible to minimize the risk of transmission and infection surface within personal workspaces. 

Sneeze guards are transparent sheets of plexiglass used to stop the spread of respiratory droplets released when someone speaks, breathes, or coughs. Since plenty of flu-related and respiratory infections transfer through breath, it’s a good idea to disrupt their flow with a sneeze guard. 

Explore the five ways that chiropractic clinics can protect patients with plexiglass barriers and improve overall safety.

1. Check-In with Ease

Since chiropractic care is an essential medical practice, people need access to it, even during a pandemic. As such, it’s crucial to address high-density and high-traffic areas within your office. The first place to start is with reception. 

When patients check in, make payments and schedule new appointments, they need to speak with a receptionist. Setting up a sneeze guard in this area sets a standard of health and safety for all who enter your office. That’s because plexiglass barriers can seamlessly add protection for both patients and staff. 

Ask about sneeze guards with a pass-through for easy payments and document transfers.

2. Exam Room Custom Cuts

High-traffic areas are where viruses spread easily. Since every examination room is unique, consider adding a custom-designed sneeze guard for added protection. Even adding a small desk sneeze guard in intake areas helps stop the spread of viral germs passing between patient and provider. 

Consider even equipping your waiting room with custom plexiglass cuts for added social distancing in small spaces. Customized sneeze guards are a cost-effective solution to safeguarding your team. Enhance your office’s safety today by adding a protective plexiglass barrier.

Learn more about other great chiropractic-specific sneeze guard solutions, and ask our sales rep about custom cuts for your company’s unique needs.  

3. Cubicle Panel Extenders

These high-risk environments require ingenuity and highly effective solutions to help keep your team safe. If your office area has cubicles, extenders offer a safer work environment for your staff. With easy to install features, it’s a no-brainer to add cubicle panel extenders to your office

Optimizing your current desk design is easy with a cubicle panel extender, thanks to its unique features.

  • Smart clamping mechanism
  • No need to damage furniture
  • Work with plenty of popular cubicle designs
  • Installs in a manner of minutes
  • Sound dampening options available

In less than five minutes, you can raise the height of your cubicles with top-quality, durable plexiglass barriers. Plus, since they pair nicely with numerous cubicle design brands, our cubicle panel extenders will blend well with your current office layout.

4. Mobile Room Dividers

Making any significant additions to your business comes with a lot of questions, such as “Is this the right choice?” If you aren’t sure just how you want to incorporate a sneeze guard or need more flexibility than a set structure, consider a mobile room divider. 

Let these sturdy dividers move to meet your needs from one room to another. 

Especially in close quarters, germs, viruses, and other illnesses can easily pass from person to person. These partitions are readily moveable and excellent for patient treatment rooms, waiting rooms, and anywhere else you need. Learn more about the advantages of adding a mobile divider to your chiropractic office below: 

  • Move from room to room
  • Avoid additional construction costs
  • Don’t get in the way
  • Adjust as you desire

By implementing plexiglass barriers into your chiropractic office, you can better protect your patients and your team. Just make sure you clean them regularly to maintain high sanitation standards. 

5. Privacy Room Dividers

Not all offices have private rooms for every patient, especially if your practice offers additional therapeutic services, such as PT or rehabilitation. Adding privacy sneeze guards allows for discretion and the disruption of respiratory droplets passing from patient to patient. 

These sound-absorbing walls are perfect for open layout designs since they create privacy as well as safety. Say goodbye to expensive construction costs, and say hello to flexible room modifications with PPE benefits. 

  • Made in the USA
  • Sound dampening
  • Customizable
  • Many color options
  • Durable, trackable materials
  • Available with or without wheels

These portable dividers go beyond regular PPE by offering physical barriers and additional sound dampening benefits. Go beyond traditional room dividers with mobile privacy designs sourced and made in the USA with high-quality, trackable material. 

You can even select from one of several color options to match your office’s color scheme.

Protecting Patients with Plexiglass Barriers

Since chiropractic care deals with urgent medical issues, it is an essential treatment that pain-suffers need to seek for relief. By providing an environment that promotes health and safety, your patients can seek treatment with more peace of mind.

Sneeze guards are a clear indicator to all who enter your office that safety is of utmost importance. If you’re looking for ways to keep your office safe, consider these five ways that your chiropractic clinics can protect patients with plexiglass barriers.

At Sneeze GuardEZ, we’re proud to be the nation’s leading provider of protective plexiglass barriers and sneeze guard designs. With various signs, colors, and purposes, we can help you revitalize the high-traffic areas within your office.

Shop our extensive selection of sneeze guards to find the best edition for your chiropractic office.