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These days, many modern offices are looking for ways to keep their employees protected from airborne illnesses and other infectious diseases during cold and flu season. Manufacturers are engineering innovative safety solutions like sneeze guards that reduce the likelihood of acquiring an illness within a busy office space. By installing sneeze guards for offices, companies can help lower the spread of infectious diseases and other sicknesses in the workplace.

Say Goodbye to Sick Days With Sneeze Guards

Have you noticed that more and more people call in sick during the cold and flu season in your office each year? Unsurprisingly, illnesses are easily transmitted between people who work in close proximity to each other within an office. Although it’s not possible to entirely stop the spread of illnesses altogether, plexiglass sneeze guard partitions provide an additional layer of safety to office workers.

Plexiglass sneeze guard barriers can help reduce the number of sick days taken amongst your office workers in the following ways:

  • Blocks airborne respiratory droplets from traveling between two people
  • Limits the amount of contact between two parties
  • Stops someone’s sneezes and coughs from coming into contact with others
  • Encourages active maintenance of social distancing

There are several areas in an office where interactions and contact levels are high. Use plexiglass cubicle panel extenders to create a bubble of comfort and safety for each employee’s space. Lobbies, reception areas, individual offices, and food preparation areas can also benefit from sneeze guard installation. Mobile sneeze guard panels make it simple to create a safer temporary environment in areas like conference rooms or cafeterias.

Talk with a sneeze guard supplier to determine the best sneeze guard products to employ in your office space. During cold and flu season, plexiglass sneeze guards provide extra security to put a stop to excessive sneezing, sniffling, and too many sick days taken among office employees. 

How to Clean Sneeze Guards

Sneeze guards are incredibly effective in slowing down the spread of illnesses among office workers. It’s crucial that you keep your sneeze guard shields clean and regularly sanitize them to maintain cleanliness in the workplace. Cleaning sneeze guards is an easy process that should be added to your office’s regular cleaning schedule.

1. Store-Bought Cleaning Solutions

The most straightforward way to clean your office sneeze guards is with store-bought glass cleaners like Windex or other brand names. After you spray each sneeze guard in your office with a chosen glass cleaner, you can simply use a paper towel or gentle cleaning cloth to wipe away dust, dirt, and other debris. Streak-free solutions leave transparent sneeze guards looking sparkly clean, which will impress any visiting clients.

Although glass cleaners are a great tool to keep your sneeze guards streak-free and attractive, these solutions won’t disinfect germs from your sneeze guards, which takes us to the next step in your sneeze guard cleaning schedule.

2. Disinfectants

Sneeze guards are an excellent method for stopping germs as they travel through the air, as long as they are disinfected regularly. Luckily, many items are available on the market that make it easy to disinfect sneeze guards in your office. Stock up on sprays and wipes and keep them on hand around the office for a quick and painless cleaning process throughout the workweek. Regularly applying an effective disinfectant keeps your sneeze guards working exactly as they should.

3. Soap and Water

If your office seems to be out of glass cleaners or disinfectant solutions (those dang interns must’ve forgotten to place an order again), you can simply use soapy water to sanitize your office’s sneeze guards. Mixing dish soap with water makes a powerful solution that removes dirt, dust, grime, and other gross contaminants from the surface of sneeze guards. Unfortunately, one drawback of using soap and water instead of a designated disinfectant is that the solution will sometimes leave behind streaks.

4. Things to Avoid

Sneeze guards are versatile and durable, so they will easily withstand a few bumps and bruises throughout the day. However, when you’re cleaning the sneeze guards in your office, there are some things that you’ll want to avoid. Don’t use any kind of abrasive washcloths or substances to clean the surface of your sneeze guards. These types of abrasive items are known to leave behind unsightly scratches and other irreversible damage on the transparent plexiglass. Only soft, clean cloths, dry paper towels, and designated cleaning solutions or disinfectants should be used to clean the sneeze guards in your office.

How Often Should You Clean Your Sneeze Guards?

Sneeze guards are incredibly beneficial for offices, but they need to be cleaned regularly to maintain their effectiveness. An office administrator can create a cleaning schedule and a sneeze guard sanitization kit to keep close by in case some sneeze guards noticeably need cleaning right away. Otherwise, regular weekly cleaning is adequate to maintain a safe and healthy workspace.

When cleaning and sanitizing the sneeze guards in your office, make sure to inspect them for any cracks, scratches, or other damage. Ensure that all screws and sneeze guard brackets are sturdy and tightly connected. Issues with the plexiglass or brackets can potentially affect the efficacy of each sneeze guard. With regular cleaning and inspections for damage, your sneeze guards should stay in tip-top shape, providing employees with an added layer of protection in the office.

Sneeze Guards Keep Offices Safe

In recent years, health and safety have moved to the forefront of priorities for workplaces. Many managers are starting to provide plexiglass sneeze guard barriers in cubicles, reception areas, conference rooms, cafeterias, and other locations in an office setting as an added layer of protection during cold and flu seasons.

Sneeze guards effectively block sneezes, coughs, and other airborne respiratory droplets from traveling between two people. The plexiglass partitions are particularly helpful in times of intense illness, like the winter, and will reduce the amount of sickness shared amongst employees within your office. Put the minds of your employees and clients at ease by installing transparent plexiglass sneeze guards throughout your office.