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Concert venues have to make safety a top priority these days, which is why they’re turning to sneeze guards to create a safer environment. These plexiglass barriers are an easy and durable way to prevent airborne germs, such as coughs and sneezes, from spreading in your venue. There are some critical areas where venues should consider installing their sneeze guards, especially those that see high traffic and many people interacting with one another. Places like ticket booths, concession stands, and even restrooms are perfect spots for a transparent shield to block any airborne particles. Concert venues can make great use of sneeze guards to keep staff and concert-goers safe while still maintaining the feel of the space and the overall atmosphere of the music venue. Other measures, such as social distancing at the venue, can keep everyone even safer. 

Why Sneeze Guards?

If you aren’t familiar with sneeze guards, they are protective barriers made of acrylic or plexiglass. They were invented to create natural obstacles in the air to stop bacteria and viruses from spreading. By blocking airborne droplets, sneeze guards can keep your concert venue much safer than without them. Thankfully these plexiglass barriers are available in various sizes and shapes so that every venue can find the right fit for them. Much like sports stadiums take advantage of sneeze guards, so can concert venues. They offer protection to people on both sides of the shield and will do the most to prevent the spreading of airborne particles. Keep concert-goers and staff safe by installing them throughout your concert venue. Here are a few more reasons why concert venues should use sneeze guards:

  • They make people feel safer.
  • Stop airborne germs from spreading further.
  • They don’t change the look of the space because they’re transparent. 
  • Various sizes and shapes mean they will fit anywhere you need them.
  • Added safety when social distancing isn’t possible. 

Different Types of Sneeze Guards

We know that flexibility is essential when considering how to add sneeze guards to your concert venue. Safety is a top priority, so we have made it easy to add transparent shields into your space with various sizes and shapes. Whether you need solutions that are moveable or remain stationary or even hang from the ceiling, there’s a sneeze guard for you. The following lists the different kinds of sneeze guards you can choose from for your concert venue:

  • Freestanding sneeze guards
  • Countertop sneeze guards
  • Hanging sneeze guards
  • Pass-through sneeze guards

Our freestanding sneeze guards from Sneeze GuardEZ are made to be moved around. You can place them wherever you need and move them at a moment’s notice. They are made with aluminum brackets for increased stability, the best option on the market. For concert venues that need flexibility, the freestanding barrier is a perfect choice. 

Sneeze GuardEZ also makes countertop sneeze guards. They are sturdy and secure and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Unlike the freestanding ones, these countertop sneeze guards can be made to stay in one place.

If you’re tight on space, our hanging sneeze guard is the best choice. It works great for buffets, bars, and concession stand areas in concert venues. The hanging sneeze guards can even be adjusted for different heights, ensuring you get the most personalized solution for your venue.  

Finally, our pass-through sneeze guard is the best when money or other items need to be passed through, but you still want to offer protection to your staff and guests. Concert venues can make great use of these pass-through transparent barriers at ticket booths and food areas. With a cut-out at the bottom, people can pass items through while staying safe and protected.

Where To Place Sneeze Guards in Concert Venues

Now that you know the different types of sneeze guards and their purpose let’s discuss where they can be used in concert venues. Some places are obvious, such as ticket booths and concession stands, while others are spaces that might be overlooked. Ensuring guest safety in every part of the concert experience is important. You want everyone to feel safe, guests and staff included. In addition to using sneeze guards, concert venues can also follow advice to stay safe in stadiums, especially if their venue is large. Listed below are just a few of the suggested places that sneeze guards should be utilized. 

Ticket Booths

The first form of contact any concert-goers will have with staff is at the ticket booth and the entrance. Sneeze guards should be placed here, preferably with a pass-through window, so that people can communicate safely without spreading any airborne germs.


Transparent barriers can be placed between sinks in restrooms that might become busy, especially during the concert intermission. If there is no extra countertop room in the bathroom, hanging sneeze guards are a great choice because their height is adjustable, and they will easily hang from the bathroom ceiling. 

Concession Stands 

This one is probably obvious, but concert venues can utilize sneeze guards at their concession stands or anywhere else where food and drinks are being distributed. Hanging sneeze guards might be a good choice here, otherwise, the freestanding countertop options work great. 


Many concert venues have a bar, so that concert-goers can buy a drink to enjoy during the show. Just like any restaurant or bar is doing now, the venue should consider placing sneeze guards on top of the bar to protect the bartender and the guests. 

Between Seating

Depending on how big your venue is and how much people can social distance, you might need to place barriers between seating sections. By separating people and creating a shield in the air, you can stop most airborne germs from spreading in the venue. 

Using Sneeze Guards at Concert Venues

All concert venues should consider using sneeze guards to keep their staff and spectators safe. By installing these transparent barriers in critical areas, like ticket booths and bars, concerts will remain a safe place for people to spend time. Sneeze GuardEZ supplies various shapes and sizes of our plexiglass barriers so that every concert venue can find a solution that’s right for them no matter how big or small their venue.