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Eye care clinics across the country can benefit from the addition of sneeze guards in their administrative areas, retail floors, and exam rooms. Adding plexiglass safety barriers throughout your office will further help promote a safe and clean environment for both your employees and patients. The previously mentioned areas in any healthcare facility are breeding grounds for spreading and cultivating unnecessary germs and bacteria. Your patients and employees will be protected by plexiglass safety barriers and have a substantially reduced risk of contracting a sickness or disease.

What is a Sneeze Guard?

Sneeze guards are commonly designed out of high-quality, shatterproof plexiglass materials that offer a simple solution for eye care clinics to further protect their employees and patients from germs and bacteria. In today’s society, it’s encouraged to help prevent the spread of germs and viruses that travel through water droplets during conversation and other bodily fluids. Installing sneeze guards into your eye care clinic will show that your clinic is doing its part to promote safe practices and protect staff and customers. Sneeze guards form a barrier between two or more people and are incredibly useful in reducing the risk of exposure to various airborne pathogens.

Promote a Safe and Clean Environment

Creating an environment that individuals enjoy being in is of high importance in the healthcare industry. Many areas within your eye care clinic require close-range interactions between doctors and patients; taking proper precautions and making changes to promote a safe and clean environment is essential to adequate functioning. Adding sneeze guards to your administrative, reception, and exam areas will help you provide patients and employees with a space they feel comfortable in.

Administrative and Reception Areas

Reception and administrative areas not only play a significant role in the patient experience, but it’s a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. These areas are the first components of your clinic that patients see, and the cleanliness, along with interactions that take place, often set the tone for the remainder of their office visit. Whether your staff are greeting patients upon arrival, checking them in before their appointment, scheduling their next visit, providing a consultation, or helping someone find their next pair of eyeglasses – sneeze guards offer adequate protection for both the patient and employee during these intimate situations. Sneeze guards can be designed to adequately fit these areas of your office in an aesthetically appealing way to ensure your administrative and reception areas are eye-catching while protecting patients and staff.

Exam Rooms

Eye care clinics range in size, but ultimately have an abundance of compliance and safety standards to worry about. Staff and patient safety can always be improved and optimized to create a comfortable and safe environment for all. While the administrative areas and retail floors of an eye care clinic require cleanliness and adequate protection, the exam rooms are just as important. Many devices utilized during eye exams require eye care professionals to sit face-to-face with patients, often at a closer than average distance, putting both individuals at risk. Installing a sneeze guard will provide a protective barrier to make this distance more manageable and reduce the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. Sneeze guards are incredibly versatile in design and can be customized for your unique exam room devices and needs.

Variety of Style Options

Design versatility is incredibly important as no eye care clinic has the same layout or requires the same needs. Sneeze GuardEZ offers customers a variety of sizes and styles of sneeze guard barriers that are made of high-quality, shatterproof plexiglass materials. If your office already has access to plexiglass or plastic shields, Sneeze GuardEZ has extender brackets available to efficiently extend or adjust your existing setup to allow for a more reliable solution. The brackets are designed out of high-quality aluminum, and a bead blasted finish to allow for optimal strength. As previously mentioned, every eye care clinic is designed differently, and Sneeze GuardEZ offers customers the ability to create a custom sneeze guard solution for your unique needs.

  • Sneeze Guard Barriers: There are a variety of sizes and styles of barriers available so that each clinic can find the best size for their needs. The barriers are easy-to-install and straightforward, meaning your employees and patients will have increased protection in no time.
  • Extender Brackets: You may have already found plexiglass or plastic shields that your eye clinic is prepared to install. There is an assortment of extender brackets available to extend or adjust existing setups to allow for a more effective solution.
  • Custom Design Options: Every eye care clinic is designed differently, meaning creativity may be required to ensure your facility can have adequate protection. Barriers can be designed to correctly fit varying size requirements as well as desks and equipment.

Add Sneeze Guards to Your Eye Care Clinic Today

If you’re ready to improve your eye care clinic’s functioning and increase the safety of your facility for both patients and employees, it’s encouraged to install sneeze guards today. Eye care clinics throughout the United States can benefit from incorporating sneeze guards into their office designs as these fixtures promote added safety and cleanliness. Protect your patients and employees from unnecessary germs and bacteria that can be spread easily in close-quarter encounters by adding plexiglass safety barriers in high traffic areas such as administrative and reception areas as well as exam rooms.