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Fast-food franchises like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King are staples in American society today. These famous names in the fast-food industry are not immune to the impacts and challenges posed by contagious illnesses. Fast-food restaurants can take advantage of safety solutions like sneeze guards, masks, and other protective equipment, enabling customers to feel at ease inside such eating establishments. 

Adapting Your Fast-Food Restaurants to Stop Illnesses

The challenges that arise during times of high illness, like cold and flu season, are a regular occurrence and aren’t going away anytime soon. Across the country, restaurants have to adapt to more stringent safety regulations to help stop the spread of colds, flu, and other communicable illnesses. Fast-food restaurants should provide employees with proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep both workers and customers safe from contracting any ailments. Some examples of PPE and other safety measures that fast-food restaurants are adopting include:

  • Non-medical grade face masks
  • Face shields
  • Disposable gloves
  • Social distancing markers (signage, floor stickers, barriers, etc.)
  • Contactless payment options
  • Lowered restaurant capacity
  • Spaced out seating areas
  • Sneeze guards

Safety measures like mandated face masks and sneeze guards for fast-food restaurants will leave patrons pleasantly surprised at the extensive precautions taken in the establishment. The foodservice industry is always booming, so finding ways to keep customers safe and comfortable during their visit is crucial for fast-food restaurants.

Outfitting Your Fast-Food Restaurant With the Right Sneeze Guards

One effective safety solution quickly moving to the forefront of the foodservice industry is sneeze guards. You’re probably already familiar with sneeze guard products, seeing them implemented at fast-casual dining establishments and buffet restaurants for years now. The plexiglass barriers shield spit droplets and other infectious bodily fluids from entering the air. The durable acrylic material allows essential workers like fast-food employees to communicate with customers through an added protection layer effectively.

Sneeze guards effectively minimize the chances of spreading different sicknesses through contact. There is a vast array of product options to provide the utmost levels of protection to your fast-food restaurant’s customers.

1. Sneeze Guards for Cashier Counters

The first major point of contact between customers and employees at a fast-food establishment is the cash register. Cash transactions and credit card handling can increase the chances of exposure to the virus. Add acrylic cashier sneeze guards at all the registers in your restaurant to reduce the risk of exposure for your employees in high-touch areas.

2. Hanging Sneeze Guards

Frequently, fast-food restaurants are incredibly busy throughout the day. During the cold and flu season, this is especially true since people are actively avoiding sit-down restaurant experiences. Free-standing sneeze guards work well for some industries but can pose a problem for fast-food establishments because they take up additional counter space and hinder employees from interacting effectively with paying customers.

One great solution for this issue is to install hanging sneeze guards. The hanging plexiglass partition still blocks people from potentially contaminated particles but allows adequate space for a fast-food establishment’s employees to pass payment tenders and orders underneath the barrier. Position hanging sneeze guard panels at payment and pick-up counters to improve safety and efficiency.

3. Sneeze Guards With Pass-Throughs

If you’re still worried about protecting the cashiers at your fast-food restaurant, consider installing sneeze guards with pass-throughs. The product design allows only the necessary amount of space for payment tenders to pass through from customer to cashier. You might be familiar with the idea, as they’re often found in movie theaters and other ticketing booths. The shatter-proof plexiglass barrier blocks virus transmission while still allowing transactions to take place.

4. Custom Table and Booth Extenders

Now that the United States is mostly re-opened and running business operations as close to “regularly” as possible, patrons are welcome to dine inside establishments. If it’s challenging to enforce social distancing measures inside your fast-food restaurant, sneeze guards are an effective solution for creating a safe dining experience.

Allow adequate room for social distancing between tables. If maintaining substantial space for social distancing is difficult in your establishment, sneeze guards are an excellent way to bring an added layer of protection to your fast-food dining room. Install plexiglass panel extenders along the tops of booth backs for additional protection in conjunction with social distancing. 

5. Movable Room Dividers

Making fast-food restaurants safe for occupancy during times of increased illness poses some serious challenges. Even with the most stringent social distancing guidelines and safety protocols, employees and customers are always at a slight risk of contracting a cold, flu, or other illness. Some places where fast-food restaurant owners prioritize putting sneeze guard panels are in lobbies and where lines form.

Utilize mobile acrylic room dividers to keep customers safe and orderly inside your restaurant. The transparent plexiglass dividers make it simple for customers to stay in place while ordering and waiting for their food. The portable panels won’t pose any hazards to customers since sneeze guards are lightweight and transparent. The CDC says that allowing six feet or more for social distancing is an effective way to keep customers safe inside an enclosed space. Fast-food restaurants can use mobile safety barriers to encourage customers to socially distance while waiting in line to order.


People want to feel safe when visiting their favorite fast-food restaurants. While gloves, masks, and other PPE effectively reduce the spread of the virus, customers often feel safest when they see sneeze guards in place at restaurant locations. The plexiglass panels are perfect for cash register locations, order-pick up counters, and inside lobbies and dining areas.

Although they’ve been in existence for quite some time, sneeze guards are moving to the forefront of protective equipment in recent times. Various industries worldwide are adding durable plexiglass barriers in establishments to increase safety and sanitation levels. More than ever, the foodservice industry must find ways to protect customers from contracting any infectious diseases. Fast-food restaurant owners can contact a sneeze guard supplier to find the perfect safety solution for their store. Customers will feel much more comfortable and at ease with sneeze guards put in place around fast-food establishments.