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Sneeze Guards Kenosha
Plexiglass Shields & Cubicle Panel Extenders

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Businesses and commercial establishments located in Kenosha now have access to sneeze guard barriers and protective shields from Sneeze GuardEZ. Choose our products to help reduce the spread of germs, viruses, and bacteria. Throughout the area, business owners have been forced to revisit safety precautions for employees and customers because of COVID-19. The pandemic has surfaced many questions, some of which being:

How can Kenosha business owners keep employees and clients safe without affecting the collaborative and interactive experience many companies are built around today?

By choosing Sneeze GuardEZ, our team will provide you with the perfect solution. Commercial and business establishments are supplied with reliable sneeze guard barriers made right here in the United States. Our technologically driven protective barriers provide establishments with a practical way to help reduce the spread of respiratory droplets from traveling from person to person during close-quarter interactions such as conversation. Businesses ranging in industry have equipped their facilities with sneeze guard barriers and custom PPE solutions to continue keeping staff and customers safe each day.

Sneeze GuardEZ has been named the national leader in the sneeze guard industry, meaning our sneeze guard barriers and protective solutions are the best in the country. The Sneeze GuardEZ team stands behind every product, every time. Every industry’s businesses can enhance safety measures during the pandemic and maintain a quality, comfortable environment for employees and customers with our advanced solutions. Companies throughout Kenosha have equipped high-traffic areas in their establishments with sneeze guard solutions:

Our affordable barriers, cubicle extenders, and aircraft-grade bracketing solutions are designs businesses can rely on to maintain normalcy during the pandemic. COVID-19 has forced establishments to rethink the implementation of health and safety concerns, and our transparent sneeze guard design allows for business as usual. High-risk areas such as waiting or patient exam rooms should be equipped with sneeze guards to help reduce the spread of respiratory droplets containing dangerous viruses, germs, and bacteria.

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Sneeze GuardEZ — Made in the USA from locally sourced raw materials. We have exactly what you need for the safety of your employees and customers! With affordable shipping directly to your Kenosha business or home, we’re your one-stop-shop.

What Is a Sneeze Guard?

The design of sneeze guard barriers may seem simple, but each product is surprisingly effective at providing protection from unwanted respiratory and water droplets. Each sneeze guard design is strategically placed to provide a barrier between interacting individuals to prevent the spread of dangerous viruses and bacteria. Our bodies are the home to numerous germs, bacteria, and viruses each day, meaning even a simple conversation can cause respiratory illness to travel from one individual to another. Throughout the country, businesses have been forced to rethink safety measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Sneeze GuardEZ is here to provide clients with reliable sneeze guard solutions that fit your budget. Regardless of your industry, help uphold a safe and comfortable environment for employees and customers with our sneeze guard barriers and PPE solutions.

Industries We’ve Worked With

Kenosha commercial establishments have turned to Sneeze GuardEZ for sneeze guard barriers and PPE products. Explore the impact our USA-made products can make on your establishment by learning how some of our most popular markets are equipped with sneeze guard protection.

Health and Wellness

Fitness helps our bodies stay healthy and functioning correctly. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused fitness facilities to rethink sanitary measures, so patrons are kept safe in these high-risk environments. From locker rooms and fitness equipment to group fitness areas and reception desks, our sneeze guard solutions will help you maintain a clean, comfortable environment each day.

Medical Establishments

The healthcare field already has numerous precautionary measures in place to keep staff and patients protected. While these practices are effective, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced business owners to rethink their approach entirely. Medical visits commonly require close-quarter interactions between patients and healthcare providers, making it vital that additional steps are taken to minimize the spread of germs, viruses, and bacteria. Whether it’s a reception area or patient exam room, our sneeze guard solutions can provide your facility with the protection it needs.

Service Industry

Dangerous respiratory droplets may contain the COVID-19 virus, making it extremely important that restaurant and grocery store owners continually take proper precautionary measures to keep their doors open throughout the pandemic. Like traveling from individual to individual, viruses and bacteria can also contaminate food products. Our in-stock and custom sneeze guard solutions will help you keep high-traffic areas like host stations or food bars safe and clean.

Extracurricular Activities

Pandemic or not, many establishments are continuing to operate as usual. Regardless of the establishment, commercial facilities are encouraged to prepare for high traffic as many continue to remain out of work. From casino blackjack tables and movie theater concession stands to coffee shop tables, Sneeze GuardEZ has helped many establishments prepare for reopening with our outstanding sneeze guard solutions.

  • Casinos
  • Movie Theaters
  • Coffee Shops

Kenosha Sneeze Guard Solutions

The industry-leading experts at Sneeze GuardEZ have designed various sneeze guard products to keep employees and customers safe in Kenosha commercial facilities. Find your high-quality sneeze guard barrier or custom solution today.

Sneeze Guard Panels & Barriers 

Each of our sneeze guard panels and protective barriers is constructed from durable plexiglass or polycarbonate materials to provide you with a durable product you can rely on. Our designs are easy to install since all you’ll need is a single flat head screwdriver. Begin equipping your business with industry-leading sneeze guard technology from Sneeze GuardEZ.


Our extender brackets are an excellent way to adjust or extend your existing protective barrier setup to increase protection for employees and customers. High-quality aluminum is utilized for the base and 3M VHB aircraft-grade backing for optimal adherence. With Sneeze GuardEZ, Kenosha businesses are guaranteed the best sneeze guard set up around.

Custom Sneeze Guards + Protective Barriers 

Our engineers, designers, CNC programmers, and metal fabricators are experts in their field, meaning you’ll receive the perfect custom sneeze guard solution for your establishment. Innovative mindsets allow us to provide outstanding sneeze guard barriers and PPE products every time, no matter the project’s size.

Kenosha Protection You Can Count On

Changes and safety concerns are continuing to surface and will for some time, as the COVID-19 pandemic is nowhere near an end. Kenosha businesses can turn to Sneeze GuardEZ for dependable and cost-effective sneeze guard solutions. Protective barriers are already part of the new normal, so we’re here to encourage business owners to learn how sneeze guard protection can be utilized in your establishment to increase safety for employees and customers.

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