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Sneeze Guards Madison
Plexiglass Shields & Cubicle Panel Extenders

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We help businesses throughout Madison keep staff and customers safe through affordable and trusted sneeze guard solutions. Amidst the pandemic, it’s become increasingly important for businesses to emphasize health and safety precautions in their respective establishments.

What’s the best way for Madison businesses to remain operational and interactive while also keeping staff and customers safe?

Sneeze guards offer unparalleled physical protection from the spread of respiratory droplets, the primary mode of COVID-19 contagion. Speaking, coughing, or sneezing can launch potentially harmful respiratory droplets — causing outbreaks in your business. Sneeze guard barriers help promote safe social distancing while also preventing the spread of these droplets, and can be easily installed into high-traffic areas in your Madison establishment. 

Taking advantage of transparent shatterproof acrylic or polycarbonate shielding, our sneeze guard solutions are crafted right here in the USA — assuring the highest quality possible. We have countertop barriers, hanging solutions, desktop shields, mobile sneeze guards, and even extenders. Sneeze GuardEZ has everything you need to keep your business protected day in and day out. Easy to install, affordable, and incredibly reliable, our sneeze guards are perfect for your:

Keeping customers and staff safe shouldn’t hinder workflow. Sneeze guards offer unmatched protection without interrupting day-to-day business needs.


Buy in-stock or Custom Germ Shields With Shipping to Madison

Sneeze GuardEZ — Made in the USA from locally sourced raw materials. We have exactly what you need for the safety of your employees and customers! With affordable shipping directly to your Madison business or home, we’re your one-stop-shop.

Why Are Sneeze Guards Effective? 

Sneeze guards are a simple but extremely effective solution for preventing the spread of respiratory droplets. Whenever people speak, cough, sneeze, or breathe — respiratory droplets are expelled. These droplets may carry along with them bacteria or harmful viruses like COVID-19. Sneeze guards stop these droplets in their tracks, blocking them from causing contagion concerns. Many Madison businesses rely on communication, which can be a cause for serious concern in these difficult times. Sneeze GuardEZ offers a reliable and affordable solution for nearly every business. 

Industries We Serve 

We outfit a wide variety of industries throughout the city of Madison with sneeze guard barriers for various areas of their business. Companies, both big and small, put their trust in Sneeze GuardEZ for our USA made products. Take a look at some of the popular industries we serve throughout your area. 

Healthcare Facilities 

Health and safety are the cornerstones of the healthcare industry, which means that reliable and affordable PPE equipment is more important than ever before. We work with a wide range of healthcare facilities throughout Madison to outfit their buildings with effective sneeze guard barriers for their reception areas, exam rooms, operatories, and more. 


The global pandemic has impacted nearly every business, but entertainment industries have been hit the hardest. However, as restrictions loosen and more and more companies open their doors — keeping customers and staff safe is priority #1. We provide sneeze guard barriers for waiting areas, checkout counters, concession stands, gaming areas, and more. 

  • Casinos
  • Stadiums 
  • Movie Theatres 

Health and Fitness 

Keeping yourself active and healthy during these troubling times is crucial — and one of the most effective ways to ensure a strong immune system is exercise. Gyms around the Madison area are tasked with offering a safe space to work out and stay healthy. We offer sneeze guard solutions to keep high traffic workout areas protected and separate those looking to keep themselves fit. 

  • Gyms
  • Yoga Studios 
  • Crossfit 

Food Services

The food service industry hasn’t skipped a beat during this pandemic, remaining an essential part of everyone’s life. Groceries, restaurants, and more have ramped up their safety efforts to ensure the health of their staff and customers. We’ve worked alongside thousands of food service companies nationwide to equip their establishments with reliable sneeze guard barriers. 

Our Sneeze Guard Solutions 

Whether it’s essential businesses, office spaces, entertainment venues, and more — Sneeze GuardEZ has been the go-to source for protective barriers in the city of Madison. Our wide range of products and PPE solutions allows us to outfit every industry with trusted protection. 

Sneeze Guard Panels & Barriers 

Whether you’re looking for hanging solutions, countertop options, or mobile freestanding barriers — we’ve got you covered. Our USA-made sneeze guard barriers offer unparalleled protection at an affordable price point.

Extender Brackets 

Offices that rely on cubicles or existing barriers can always use some improvement. That’s why we offer cubicle extenders to help keep your staff safe throughout the workday. Our extenders are crafted using high-quality aluminum for unmatched stability and durability.

Custom Sneeze Guards + Protective Barriers 

Are you looking for something unique for your Madison business? Our team of skilled engineers, designers, programmers, and metal fabricators work with you to create custom sneeze guard barriers for your establishment. Sneeze GuardEZ is renowned for our creativity and collaborations — and we’ve created some truly incredible solutions for our customers.

The Very Best Protection in Madison 

We’ve become the most trusted name in sneeze guard solutions through our attention to detail, commitment to our clients, and reliable barriers. We know that the pandemic has shifted how business owners approach health and safety concerns in the workplace — which is why we offer such a diverse range of products to help keep every corner of your company protected. Safety shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, so we make sure our solutions are affordable and reliable. Keep your business running seamlessly while giving both staff and customers peace of mind all day long. Sneeze GuardEZ is here to provide your Madison business with trusted products in these difficult times. 

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