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Sneeze Guards Muskego
Plexiglass Shields & Cubicle Panel Extenders

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Here at Sneeze GuardEZ, we provide Muskego commercial establishments with top-quality sneeze guard barriers and protective equipment. We’re familiar with the importance of keeping employees and customers safe during daily operations, and the recent pandemic has put this component of business practice under a microscope. Business owners have presented a variety of pressing questions, with the most common being:

How can Muskego business owners continue operations as usual while enhancing protection for employees and customers?

If you’ve been worried about finding the perfect solution for your business, the search stops now because you’ve discovered Sneeze GuardEZ. Dangerous viruses, bacteria, and germs can travel in respiratory droplets, and our state-of-the-art protective equipment will help reduce the spread and minimize the risk of employees and customers getting sick. Not only do our plexiglass sheets provide enhanced protection, but they also help encourage social distancing guidelines in your establishment.

Our master designers and engineers have carefully crafted various sneeze shield solutions that are perfect for many industries. We offer countertop barriers, sneeze guards for desks, desktop sneeze shields, portable sneeze guards, and even extender brackets for existing setups. If you’re looking for an easy-to-install, industry-leading protective barrier, check out the spaces we’ve outfitted:

Placing your employees and customers’ safety at the top of your priority list shouldn’t hinder regular workplace functioning. Make it easy with an industry-leading sneeze guard solution from our team of experts.

Is a Sneeze Guard Really That Effective?

Sneeze guard technology makes a big difference in businesses throughout Muskego, aside from its simple design. Our transparent and shatterproof plexiglass sneeze guards help reduce the spread of harmful respiratory droplets, all while preserving the face-to-face interactions we all enjoy. Regardless of your industry, many Muskego businesses operate solely around communication, and Sneeze GuardEZ offers affordable solutions to support and encourage these interactions.


Buy in-stock or Custom Germ Shields With Shipping to Muskego

Sneeze GuardEZ — Made in the USA from locally sourced raw materials. We have exactly what you need for the safety of your employees and customers! With affordable shipping directly to your Muskego business or home, we’re your one-stop-shop.

Our Industry Influence

The Sneeze GuardEZ team has worked to outfit numerous businesses ranging in industry in Muskego. We encourage you to look at how we’ve served businesses, both big and small, to enhance protection and stay ahead of the curve.


In any medical facility, health and safety are prioritized, making budget-friendly PPE equipment that is reliable vital. We’ve worked with a range of Muskego healthcare facilities to help equip their establishments with state-of-the-art sneeze guard technology. Whether it’s a reception area or operatory, the Sneeze GuardEZ team is here for you.


Are you preparing to reopen your entertainment venue to the public? We know the importance of safety for your employees and customers. Our sneeze guard experts are ready to help you outfit your high-traffic areas, from checkout counters and concession stands to waiting and gaming areas. You name it – we’ll equip it.

Food & Beverage

Closed doors or not, the food and beverage industry has continued at high speed even amid the pandemic. Groceries, diners, and restaurants have been asked to increase safety efforts, so employees and customers can stay protected in these close-quarter spaces. Choose Sneeze GuardEZ to help you outfit your food establishment and help reduce the spread of harmful respiratory droplets.

Fitness & Wellness

Gyms and other fitness facilities are reopening their doors slowly, but optimal protection is still a top priority. Patrons and staff must be kept safe while trying to stay healthy, and Sneeze GuardEZ can help equip various high traffic areas such as locker rooms or group fitness areas with industry-leading sneeze guard technology

  • Yoga studios
  • Spas
  • Gyms
  • CrossFit gyms

Muskego Sneeze Guard Solutions

Our sneeze guard experts have developed various top-notch sneeze guard solutions for many establishments, from essential businesses and office spaces to entertainment venues and gyms. We’re the nationwide go-to for sneeze guards Muskego, and we can’t wait to help you

Sneeze Guard Panels & Barriers

Are you looking for a hanging solution or sneeze guards for desks? It doesn’t stop there. We have an assortment of USA-made barriers and panels that will be perfect for your space and budget.


Even if you already have an existing sneeze guard setup; Sneeze GuardEZ can help you! We have an assortment of extender brackets and cubicle panel extenders that can enhance your current structure. All of our extender brackets and cubicle panel extenders are designed out of top-quality aluminum to give you a durable and stable product every time.

Custom Sneeze Guards & Protective Barriers

Does your San Jose business have a unique layout? Are you looking for a sneeze guard design for a custom area of your establishment? Rest assured, our team of outstanding in-house designers, programmers, engineers, and metal fabricators are prepared to collaborate with you. By choosing Sneeze GuardEZ, we’ll provide you with a custom sneeze guard solution that you can rely on time and time again.

Industry-Leading Protection San Jose Businesses Can Rely On

San Jose commercial establishments need sneeze guard technology they can depend on time and time again. The sneeze guard barriers and protective equipment you’ll find at Sneeze GuardEZ has been ranked leading in the industry. If you’re ready to take a step to enhance safety for employees and customers at your establishment, we encourage you to contact the Sneeze GuardEZ team today.

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