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Cubicle Panel Extender Brackets

As one of the nations leading suppliers of Sneeze Guards and Cubicle Panel Extenders, we’re also predominant manufacturer of several easy to use and install brackets. Our acrylic panel stands can be used on any Plexiglas (acrylic) or Lexan (polycarbonate) plastic sheet to create a high quality and durable germ shield or barrier.

Freestanding Bases for Sneeze Guard Panels

When you need to outfit your office with cubicle panel extensions, our adjustable clamp on brackets make the job easy and affordable. No drilling into the cubicle wall is necessary!

What makes our partition wall brackets better than others?

Most cubicle panel extender brackets on the market are pieced together from multiple components that simply were not designed to go together. Our brackets, however, were designed from the ground up with one purpose — to easily raise cubicle wall height using acrylic or poly.

Additionally, they’re Made in the USA — from start to finish. 

Simplicity at it’s finest.

When we made these brackets, we had three primary goals in mind. Simplicity. Durability & Affordability — and that’s exactly what you get.

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