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72″H x 72″W Mobile Acrylic Room Divider


Clear Mobile Divider

  • Made in the USA
  • Brushed Aluminum Finish w/ Powder Coated Bases
  • Locking Casters w/ Rubberized Wheels
  • 1/4″ Thick Plexiglas Acrylic Panels
  • Portable or Stationary Options Available

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High Quality Clear Plexiglas Divider for Office, Commercial or Industrial Applications

Easily divide your room with this mobile sneeze barrier designed and made in the USA. Clear room dividers offer many benefits over traditional fabric partitions or other solid materials. Maintain an open and collaborative environment with our mobile barriers, additionally, you can still benefit from natural light. When security is important, see-through walls are a must. Police departments, government buildings and other facilities that require high levels of security use transparent barriers so surveillance systems can monitor activities and to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering the premises and hiding.

Room Divider Solutions for any Occupation

  • Entryway Dividers – waiting rooms and check-in areas commonly become congested with people during peak hours. Hospital lobbies, hotels, and airports can maximize their space by using our clear mobile or stationary shields. When patrons enter the facility strategically placed room dividers can help direct the flow of foot traffic and increase efficiency. Government facilities, such as the DMV, have close quarter waiting areas that make high-risk persons more susceptible to airborne bacteria from sneezing or coughing.
  • Education System – Schools, churches and college campuses are very fluid environments. Gatherings of 10 or more people are frequent and can only be done safely with mobile sneeze guards or partitions. It is typically not practical to implement permanent solutions throughout an entire facility, thus making portable barriers a more realistic option — both logistically and financially. Universities across the United States, Canada and Europe have shifted to a more open-concept layout in their common areas, such as libraries, cafeterias, study-halls. While this is great for collaboration among peers, it can pose a health risk to students.
  • Industrial – Factories are sometimes overlooked when it comes to social distancing measures. Workers on assembly lines are many times standing within 6′ of each other. Rolling dividers provide a unique benefit as they can be positioned in nearly any configuration during shift changes, plus they take only minutes to clean top to bottom using specially formulated acrylic cleaners.

Hospitals and other medical facilities, such as eye care clinics and dental offices commonly use clear mobile shields to separate their patients as they wait to be seen by their doctor. Gyms and sports training centers are considered higher risk for the spread of germs and therefore mobile barriers are placed in between workout equipment. Restaurants, on the other hand, need to be extra cautious and use clear barriers to limit table-to-table contact. As entertainment businesses like casinos work to devise a new, safer environment — mobile barriers are used as a versatile solution throughout their day-to-day operations.

Engineered for Durability in any Environment

Our goal when making the clear mobile partition was to create the best see-through acrylic dividers at the absolute best price — and we achieved that. We have put our design and quality up against some of the biggest names in the partition business and we exceeded even our own expectations. These panels are Made in the USA from locally sourced materials, and still we achieved a retail price that is nearly half of the competition.

Not all Plexiglass room dividers are created equal. We use heavy duty steel caster plates that keep the center of gravity low to avoid accidental tipping of the barrier. The base plates can be fitted with our rubberized mechanical locking casters or stationary glides for applications where a rolling barrier is not needed.

Easy Rolling Mobile Barrier

Rolling Barrier Caster

Rubberized wheels make rolling the partition easy and safe.

Even when moving our mobile room divider long distances you’ll never have to worry about it being difficult. One person can easily maneuver the panel throughout

an office, warehouse or retail store. Ultra-smooth rubberized casters provide excellent traction on smooth flooring surfaces, carpeting, and even unfinished concrete floors. When you don’t want the panel to move, simply engage the caster locks and it goes from portable to stationary in mere seconds.

Safety from Top to Bottom

Tempered glass has been used to build floor to ceiling see through walls for years. However, because of the weight it is not safe nor practical to use for mobile walls or room dividers. Acrylic provides one of the highest levels of clarity in any type of plastic — it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between glass and acrylic with the naked eye.

Need a impact resistant mobile barrier? We can help. We carry shatter resistant Lexan (polycarbonate) that is over 250X more impact resistant that traditional glass.

Attention to Detail

Most business owners take great pride in the way their office looks. We wanted to make sure this workspace divider did not look out of place in even the most elegant of offices. Powder coated bases, clear anodized frame and radius-corners scream quality to employee’s and clients alike.

Custom Size Clear Partitions

Upon request, we can make nearly any size mobile barrier to fit your space. Additionally, we can add special cut-outs for temperature checking stations. For special sizes, please contact us and one of our sales representatives will be happy to help!


What Size Mobile Barrier is Best for you?


Some of the things to take into consideration when looking to purchase clear room dividers include:


Glide Bases for Mobile Acrylic Room Dividers

Glides allow limited mobility in place of caster wheels.

  • Who will be utilizing the rolling barrier? Consider if the people using the mobile barrier will be standing or sitting — this will allow you to get a good idea of how high the mobile partition needs to be.
  • How often will you need to move the room divider? If you plan on rolling the barrier around on a daily basis then caster wheels are a must. However, if you plan on having the mobile sneeze guard stationary 90% of the time or more you should consider using glides instead of casters.
  • What environment will the barrier be in? In most settings using Plexiglas will be just fine, however, if you are using the divider panel in a industrial area then you should consider upgrading the clear plastic to Lexan (polycarbonate) which is much more durable.

Additional information

Weight 120 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 36 × 8 in

36"W x 72"H, 48"W x 72"H, 72"W x 72"H


Without Casters, With Casters


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