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Privacy Cubicle Panel Extenders – Sound Dampening

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PRYVC Cubicle Panel Extenders

Extend the height your existing cubicle panels with our affordable panel extenders made from high quality acoustical polyester fiber. The sound dampening properties allow you to offer more than just increased visual privacy, your staff will be able to enjoy quieter workplace.

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Acoustical Cubicle Panel Extenders for Privacy

Noise pollution in the office is caused by a combination of factors: phones ringing, printers printing, microwaves dinging and, most significantly; people talking. In open plan offices, noise pollution is more prevalent due to the close proximity of employees to each other. Furthermore, a noisy office will only get noisier over time as people start speaking louder to compete with the surrounding noise; this is known as the Lombard effect. Acoustic panel extenders can be used to combat noise pollution.

Reducing Noise in Call Centers

Phone calls are an important part of any company, especially in an office, area as they are a vital path of communication for your consumersYet, a noisy office area can make those calls difficult. Since acoustic panels reduce noise phone conversations go smoother because your customer no longer has to fight office chatter or other phone conversations to be clearly heard by your employee. Each employee can focus solely on the customer he or she is dealing with, providing better customer service.

Acoustic cubicle panel extenders are customizable to fit any office space, big or small. They can go anywhere that you deem necessary, to provide the best workspace for your employees possibleThe panels can also double as decoration. They come in a variety of colors and patterns that can spice up any office area.   

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Armor, Emerald, Nightfall, Dusk, Admiral, Citrine, Aries, Jasper, Mineral, Zinc, Nickel, Cast, Ebony, Driftwood, Dune


12 Inch, 18 Inch, 24 Inch


23 Inch, 35 Inch, 47 Inch, 59 Inch, 71 Inch

Cubicle Panel Thickness

1.6" – 2.1", 2.1" – 2.6", 2.6" – 3.2", 3.1" – 3.6"

1 review for Privacy Cubicle Panel Extenders – Sound Dampening

  1. Lisa

    These function perfectly and look great as well!

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