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Sneeze Guards for…

Medical Clinics

Make life safer and easier for you and your patients with our extensive line of durable sneeze guard products that can be assembled by your staff easily and without the need to pay for professional installation. Our sneeze guards are used and trusted throughout the USA in hundreds of medical clinics.

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Nursing Homes

The elderly need the utmost protection and so does your facility staff. With Sneeze GuardEZ products you can vastly reduce the chance of transmission of airborne infection and disease and give your residents, employees, and visitors the peace of mind they deserve.

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Assisted Living Facilities

Patients who live in assisted living facilities are often also very vulnerable to communicable diseases. With quality Sneeze GuardEZ products you can greatly reduce the chance of transmission of airborne infection and disease and give your residents, employees, and visitors the peace of mind they deserve.

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Dental Offices

Across the country, dental offices and operatories have been deemed high-risk environments. Our experts have worked with numerous dental offices to equip their workspaces with sneeze guard solutions and PPE to keep employees and customers protected.

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Eye Care Clinics

Exam rooms and reception areas in eye care clinics are where close-quarter interactions occur. Equip your office with sneeze guard solutions to create a safe and functional environment for staff and patients.

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Host(ess) stations, buffets, and offices are all high-traffic areas in a restaurant, meaning our sneeze guards are the perfect solution. We guarantee you’ll find the right fit for your space with our assortment of options.

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Keeping the food you serve to your guests safe to eat and having peace of mind is one step closer when you choose our high-quality sneeze guards and protective products. 

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Keeping employees safe throughout the day is priority #1 for businesses around the country. We offer a wide range of sneeze guard products and protective solutions to support both cubicle and open-concept offices during these difficult times.

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Whether you are a limousine, rideshare or bus driver you need protection that you and your passengers can depend on for safe transit. Shop SneezeGuardEZ for a superior product design that you can count on day in and day out.

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Lobby Desks

Keeping the front lobby safe for customers and front desk employees is a crucial first step in protecting your business from infection-related problems. Check out our wide variety of protective solutions that you can utilize to keep your company safe.

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Information Desks

Let your visitors get the help they need from your information desk with the utmost safety in mind when you choose any of our quality Sneeze GuardEZ products.

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Mall Booths

Are you a mall booth vendor in need of reliable protection for employees and shoppers? Shop Sneeze GuardEZ for high-quality sneeze guard solutions today to enhance safety the safety of your business.

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Every chiropractor has a check in counter that needs to be protected by a sneeze barrier. When you choose Sneeze GuardEZ, we will make sure your panel meshes well with the atmosphere of your clinic. Our custom cut panels can be designed to work in any stationary or portable fashion.

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Add sneeze barriers to your slot machines, poker tables, blackjack or any other featured attraction within your casino. Our design team has over 50 years combined experience designing high quality products throughout the world. No project is too simple or complex.

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Sports Stadiums

We have you covered when it comes to protecting your sports venue. Outfitting your stadium with the high quality equipment from Sneeze GuardEZ will make sure that you can maintain a profitable and most importantly safe operation.

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Concert Venues
Keep your concert venues safe with high-quality and affordable sneeze guard solutions. Sneeze GuardEZ will give your staff and concertgoers peace of mind so that they can enjoy their shows safely while you prevent outbreaks that could damage your bottom line.

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Help customers and employees or your laundromat feel more at ease when you employ and one of our quality Sneeze GuardEZ products in your business. 

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Movie Theaters

Creating a safe environment for your customers and employees is the first step to protecting your theater business, and the experts at Sneeze GuardEZ are here to help you along the way!

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Trade and Expo Shows

Keeping your trade booth protected for yourself and others is of utmost importance in today’s business climate. Reduce the transmission of infection with our extensive line of USA made Sneeze GuardEZ products.

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Flower Shops

Get your flower shop the protection it needs with the high-quality line of products here at Sneeze GuardEZ. 

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Hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country are optimizing their safety practices, and our sneeze guard and PPE solutions will keep your employees and patients protected. Optimize your facility procedures with Sneeze GuardEZ products. Outfit one room or your entire building with high quality shatter resistant Lexan or PET-G shields to protect your medical staff and patients. We will work with you from beginning to end to ensure each and every space you need to protect is done, and done correctly.

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We are the nations best supplier for plastic barriers for your gym. We offer portable barriers for in between treadmills, elypticals, weight lifting equipment and anything else your gym has to offer. Need some portable or rolling shields for yoga classes? We have you covered.

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Grocery Stores

Food bars and check out areas are high-traffic areas in grocery stores, and they must be equipped for adequate safety. Look at our assortment of sneeze guard solutions to optimize your establishment’s safety plan. We have outfitted thousands of food and grocery stores with Plexiglas sneeze guards for the protection of both staff and the general public. None of the cheap stuff is found here at Sneeze GuardEZ. Our panels are built to last, and save you cash at the same time. Oh.. and they’re made in the USA.

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Keeping classrooms safe this school year is critical. We offer a wide range of sneeze guard products and protective solutions to support both teachers and students.

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Sneeze Guards for Sale

We offer businesses nationwide state-of-the-art sneeze guard solutions. If you’re in need of a protective sneeze guard solution for your establishment, the Sneeze GuardEZ team is here for you. We have a variety of sneeze guards, PPE products, and custom solutions that are perfect for many industries, from hospitals and medical facilities to gyms and grocery stores. We’ve helped numerous businesses and municipalities better equip their facilities, and are continually asked the same question:

How can businesses keep employees and customers safe while keeping an open and collaborative work environment?

What solution have we come up with? Here at Sneeze GuardEZ, we stand behind physical protection as being the most effective defense against the spread of respiratory droplets that may contain contagious germs, viruses, or bacteria. We provide businesses with a variety of top-quality sneeze guards to keep employees and customers safe and comfortable at all times.

How Does the Sneeze Guard Work?

Businesses across the country have turned to sneeze guards because they’re an effective, reliable solution to improve safety measures. Our sneeze guards are expertly crafted transparent physical barriers that offer two-way protection during close-quarter interactions without interrupting communication. During conversation, respiratory droplets are expelled that may carry contagious viruses or bacteria, and sneeze guards stop the spread instantly since there is no way to travel through the plexiglass or polycarbonate barrier. Optimize your establishment’s safety plan with sneeze guards today.

Are Sneeze Guards Right for Your Establishment?

Have you been asking yourself if a sneeze guard solution would be beneficial for your business? We’ve helped numerous establishments in a variety of industries equip their workspaces for optimized protection. Rest assured, by partnering with Sneeze GuardEZ, you’ll provide your employees and customers with the safety and comfort they’ve been hoping for.

Sneeze Guard Panels + Barriers

We offer an assortment of USA-made sneeze guard barrier options that are crafted by industry-leading experts. Our sneeze guard panels give business owners the options they need to equip their entire establishment with outstanding protection that works around the clock. Our freestanding sneeze guard barriers are fitted with aluminum basing and rubber-non-slide pads for remarkable stability and durability.

Custom Sneeze Guards + Protective Barriers

Business owners in need of customized solutions for their establishments continue to turn to the Sneeze GuardEZ team. Our expert designers, engineers, and programmers will work with you from beginning to end to ensure all your expectations and needs are met.

We utilize top-quality acrylic, PET-G, or polycarbonate with aluminum basing to provide long-lasting sneeze guard solutions. We’ve had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects ranging in size and layout, meaning we have experience creating truly unique designs.

Additional Sneeze Guard Solutions

We offer various sneeze guard options that businesses can benefit from nationwide. From custom sneeze guard solutions and sneeze guard brackets to mobile sneeze guard partitions and more, our team of experts guarantees you’ll find the answer to your PPE barrier needs with Sneeze GuardEZ.

Choose Your Top-Quality Sneeze Guard Today

Sneeze GuardEZ offers customers across the country sneeze guard solutions they can count on. Our wide array of sneeze guards and PPE options will give your business the flexibility and protection it needs to maintain functionality during the pandemic.

Do you need a sneeze guard for your business? Shop Sneeze GuardEZ for the perfect solution today!