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Sneeze Guards For Assisted Living Facilities

We equip assisted living facilities throughout the country with affordable and trusted sneeze guard barriers and protective solutions. Here at Sneeze GuardEZ, we know that your residents, staff, and visitors’ health and safety are imperative. Assisted living facilities have a high-risk population, which means your administration is tasked with implementing safety protocols at every turn. 

We help assisted living facilities safeguard their facilities at key touchpoints, keeping residents, staff, and visitors safe. 

Sneeze guards offer physical protection against the spread of respiratory droplets that may contain harmful pathogens. We offer a wide range of acrylic sheets and protective solutions that can keep your assisted living facility protected.

Why Are Sneeze Guards So Effective?

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Sneeze guards offer a physical barrier that stops respiratory droplets in their tracks. Assisted living facilities are a high-risk environment, with many immunocompromised residents who need to be protected from viruses and bacteria that may hitch a ride on respiratory droplets. These droplets are expelled anytime people sneeze, cough, speak, or even breathe — making interactive areas of the assisted living facility a hotbed for contagion. We can help outfit your facility with reliable and affordable sneeze guard solutions made right here in the USA. 

We’ll help you cut down on outbreaks and keep residents, staff, and visitors safe throughout your establishment. Over the years, we’ve established a trusted relationship with countless assisted living facilities through excellent products and a commitment to protection.

Our Sneeze Guard Offerings For Assisted Living Facilities 

Countertop Sneeze Guards 

We house a wide selection of countertop sneeze guard solutions to keep your administrative areas, nursing stations, reception, and even dining halls safe. We take advantage of high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship to offer reliable countertop sneeze guards for your assisted living facilities. Explore our options today.

Hanging Sneeze Guards 

We understand that nursing stations, administrative areas, and reception can have cluttered or busy countertops. That’s why we offer hanging sneeze guard barriers that free up counter space while still providing unparalleled protection. Our hanging systems are simple to install onto overhead fixtures or ceilings and adjust with ease. Take a look at our catalog of hanging sneeze guard barriers today.

Freestanding Mobile Sneeze Guards

If you’re looking for a flexible sneeze guard system that you can move wherever it’s needed, we have freestanding mobile sneeze guard solutions you can take advantage of today. Keep high-traffic areas protected through our mobile sneeze guard offerings.

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Affordable Sneeze Guard Protection You Can Rely On

We’ve helped countless assisted living facilities protect their staff, residents, and visitors through reliable sneeze guard solutions. Our high-quality offerings give your occupants peace of mind and protection when used in harmony with other safety measures and protocols. Take a look at our extensive lineup today. 

Sneeze Guard Panels & Barriers

Whether you’re looking for hanging sneeze guards, countertop offerings, freestanding systems, and more — Sneeze GuardEZ can help. Explore our extensive catalog of sneeze guard barriers and give your assisted living facility the protection it deserves.

Custom Sneeze Guards + Protective Barriers 

If your assisted living facility needs a unique sneeze guard system, you’re in luck. We craft custom todaysneeze guard barriers to fit your exact needs and specifications — no matter the size. Our team of engineers, programmers, designers, and metal fabricators will work with you to create the ideal sneeze guard system for your assisted living facility.  

The #1 Name in Sneeze Guards 

We’ve earned a reputation for excellence through high-quality products and dedicated service to our valued customers. All throughout the country, we’ve helped outfit assisted living facilities with affordable sneeze guard barriers to help prevent the spread of respiratory droplets. Outfit your facility today and protect your residents, staff, and visitors both day and night. 

Take a look at our extensive range of sneeze guard shields, acrylic sheets, and protective systems — or learn how we can craft custom sneeze guard barriers for your assisted living facility today. 

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