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Sneeze Guards for Casinos

We work with casinos around the country to outfit their gaming areas with sneeze guard barriers to keep visitors and staff safe. As the COVID-19 pandemic changes how businesses approach health and wellness, there is one question every casino owner must ask themselves: 

How can I keep my customers and staff protected while providing a fun, interactive, and sociable casino experience? 

Our answer is affordable and high-quality sneeze guard barriers made right here in the USA. These protective solutions offer physical protection against the spread of respiratory droplets carrying dangerous viruses or germs. We offer unmatched quality and service for all of our customers through our incredible PPE products for casinos.

How Does the Sneeze Guard Work?

Clamp On Panel Extender installs in minutes!

Using only a screwdriver, you can install these brushed aluminum panel extenders in minutes!

It’s a simple concept with extraordinary results. Sneeze guards offer both transparency and protection so that you’re able to maintain an interactive experience for casino guests. When staff or guests talk with one another, respiratory droplets expel from their mouths, which can be especially dangerous during these troubling times. Our sneeze guard solutions stop these possible contaminants from spreading — keeping both staff and visitors safe. Protective barriers can be used in your poker room to separate tables, between slot machines, or outfitted onto your various gaming tables to separate dealers and customers. We can even craft custom options to fit your exact needs so that you can promote safe distancing and healthy practices within your casino. 

That’s where the sneeze guards work their magic.

Card Tables 

Your poker tables and blackjack tables are major attractions, which means massive traffic leading to high-risk environments for both staff and visitors. These areas are hotbeds for conversation and interactions, which means that respiratory droplets pose a major threat to the health and wellness of anyone in the vicinity. Outfit your poker tables with a series of sneeze guard barriers to protect customers from one another, along with protective paneling for your dealers. 

Here at Sneeze GuardEZ, we offer top of the line transparent plexiglass or polycarbonate shields that are super easy to install and maintain the fun and interactive environment your casino thrives on. 

Our wide selection of sneeze guard panels makes a real impact, protecting both visitors and staff at your card tables. We house a variety of sizes and shapes that you can take advantage of for your casino today. We’re also able to craft customized sneeze guard solutions to fit your exact look, needs, and feel. As the nation’s most trusted sneeze guard provider, we’re excited about the opportunity to partner with your casino to improve safety precautions throughout the establishment. 

Slot Machines 

Whether it’s veterans, enthusiasts, or your occasional visitor hopping on the slots during their time in the casino, slot machines are always filled with people looking for their next big win. The downside is that these machines sit awfully close together, creating a high-risk experience for guests who may speak to one another — or are simply celebrating a big win.

Sneeze guards offer a simple and convenient fix to this issue, protecting slot machine users from one another so that they can enjoy their time without safety concerns. 

Sneeze GuardEZ offers the very best in USA-made protective barriers for your casino. Our team of extraordinary designers, CNC programmers, metal fabricators, and engineers work together to offer unparalleled quality and ingenuity. Plus, we can craft completely custom designs that fit your exact needs. 

Cashier’s Booth 

At the end of casino-goers time, they’ll inevitably head to the cashier’s booth to cash in their chips for some hard-earned cash. Sneeze guard barriers are a great way to protect staff and customers as they complete transactions both day and night. Many of the cashier’s booths already have some sort of protective barrier, but others only have makeshift bars to separate the customer and staff member. Our sneeze guard solutions can be placed either behind or in front of these existing barriers for increased protection against respiratory droplets.

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    Sneeze Guard Solutions for Casinos

    We offer sneeze guard solutions, extender brackets, and custom designs that your casino can take advantage of to keep staff and customers safe.

    Sneeze Guard Panels & Barriers 

    Our sneeze guard barriers offer unparalleled protection for customers and staff. Our solutions are crafted using high-quality materials right here in the United States. Our panels take advantage of shatterproof acrylic or polycarbonate and are super easy to install — no expensive or complex tools necessary. All you need is a flathead screwdriver, and you’ll have unmatched protection wherever your casino needs it most. Our panels also come equipped with rubber non-slide pads for improved stability and freestanding capabilities — giving you even more freedom with how you use your sneeze guard solution. 

    Extender Brackets 

    Do you already have some of your own protective shields or PPE barriers? Well, our extender brackets are the perfect way to extend or adjust your current system to improve its effectiveness and protective ability. We utilize aluminum for our bracketing for the very best in stability, durability, and lifespan. All of our brackets come with 3M VHB Aircraft-grade backings for incredible adherence as well. 

    Custom Sneeze Guards + Protective Barriers 

    Many of our casino customers are looking for something unique, which is why we offer custom sneeze guard options to fit your exact requirements — every time. Our incredible design, engineering, and programming team work alongside you to craft the perfect sneeze guard solution that you’re looking for. 

    We work with high-quality acrylic, PET-G, or polycarbonate for our barriers — along with aluminum basing for unrivaled quality. Over the years, our team has created some awesome work, and we’d love to show you what we can do for your casino. 

    Our Commitment to Quality 

    We’ve earned our spot as the nation’s leading sneeze guard solution for both our incredible service and commitment to quality. We help give your customers and staff the reassurance they need that you’re investing in their health and wellness during these difficult times. 

    We’re incredibly proud of our products and the extraordinary team that makes it all possible. 

    Protect Your Casino 

    Give your casino the sneeze guard solutions it deserves from Sneeze GuardEZ. The shift towards heightened safety precautions means that casino owners around the country need to be at the forefront of keeping staff and customers safe — and offering peace of mind and protection. 

    Our diverse selection of sneeze guard products, coupled with our custom options, give our customers a ton of flexibility and variety when it comes to outfitting their casino with the right protective solutions. 

    Does your casino need protection? Contact us to get started! 

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