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Sneeze Guards for Chiropractors

We outfit chiropractic clinics nationwide with sneeze guard barriers and protective solutions to keep staff and patients safe. The recent pandemic has changed how your business operates, especially for care environments like chiropractic clinics. These events have prompted one important question: 

How can your clinic maintain a safe environment for both staff and visitors while providing exceptional patient experiences?  

Our solution is an affordable and reliable sneeze guard barrier that prevents the spread of respiratory droplets that may be carrying dangerous viruses or germs. Sneeze GuardEZ crafts every protective solution right here in the USA, so you know you’re getting unparalleled quality, every time.

How Does the Sneeze Guard Work?

Clamp On Panel Extender installs in minutes!

Using only a screwdriver, you can install these brushed aluminum panel extenders in minutes!

Sneeze guards are a simple, yet effective solution to preventing the spread of contagious respiratory droplets without hindering an interactive or collaborative experience. Chiropractic clinics are an especially high-risk environment during these troubling times, as clinicians and customers need to be in close proximity with one another for optimal care. The same can be said for reception areas, as patients will need to speak with administrative staff in order to check-in or schedule subsequent appointments. Protective sneeze guard barriers protect both staff and patients from potentially harmful respiratory droplets that are naturally emitted while speaking. 

That’s where the sneeze guards work their magic. 

Reception Areas

Reception plays an important role in the patient experience, and conversations here pose a serious risk during this pandemic. These face to face interactions are necessary — but the contagion risks associated with them are not. That’s why sneeze guard barriers are the perfect solution, protecting both staff and patients while they check-in, make scheduling decisions, or undergo intake. 

Sneeze GuardEZ offers the very best in plexiglass and polycarbonate protective shields that you can take advantage of for your reception areas. 

We offer a wide selection of sneeze guard panels that are super easy to install, providing unparalleled protection to your administrative staff and patients during a visit. Our solutions come in varying sizes and shapes, and we can also create a completely custom solution if you’re looking for something unique. 

As the national leader in sneeze guard technology, we’re here to help you improve safety measures in your chiropractic clinic so that you can continue treating patients while keeping them protected. 

Treatment Rooms 

Chiropractic treatment rooms are already subject to a laundry list of safety and compliance standards — but improvements can always be made to keep both chiropractors and patients safe. 

While there will need to be physical and close contact between patients and chiropractors — there are still ways to better safety efforts. We can create custom sneeze guard solutions to fit any area of your treatment rooms or doctor’s offices so that conversations can still occur without the risk of contagion. 

Here at Sneeze GuardEZ, we build our solutions right here in the USA. Our extraordinary team of designers, CNC programmers, metal fabricators, and engineers work together to craft the very best in sneeze guard technology for your chiropractic clinic. 

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    Sneeze Guard Solutions for Chiropractic Clinics 

    We offer a wide variety of sneeze guard solutions, extender brackets, and even custom options that you can take advantage of for your chiropractic clinic today. 

    Sneeze Guard Panels & Barriers 

    We offer the very best in sneeze guard barriers for your chiropractic practice — made from high-quality materials for ultimate durability and lifespan. Our protective panels are easy to install without the need of a professional, no fancy tools or expensive equipment necessary. All you’ll need is a flat head screwdriver and a little elbow grease, and you’ll have unparalleled sneeze guard protection in no time. Plus, our panels come with rubber non-slide pads so that your barrier can remain freestanding without disturbance.

    Extender Brackets 

    If you already have your hands on a protective shield or barrier, we have extender brackets that help adjust or extend your current setup for improved protection. Our brackets aren’t cheap plastic, instead we use high-quality aluminum for unmatched durability and strength. Plus, we outfit our brackets with 3M VHB Aircraft-grade backings for unrivaled adherence.

    Custom Sneeze Guards + Protective Barriers 

    Are you looking for a unique sneeze guard system? We can build you a completely custom setup that fits your exact needs and requirements. From start to finish, our design and engineering team works with you to create a completely custom sneeze guard solution that protects both patients and staff throughout the workday. 

    Whether you’re looking for acrylic, PET-G, or polycarbonate for your panels, our custom build team will craft the perfect system for your chiropractic clinic. Over the years, we’ve come up with some awesomely creative products that our customers love.

    Our Commitment to Quality 

    Nationwide, our products are renowned for their quality and affordability — offering the very best in sneeze guard technology for care areas everywhere. We help give your patients and staff peace of mind that your clinic is taking every safety precaution necessary for their protection. 

    We’re proud of our products and talented team that work tirelessly to create the very best sneeze guard solution on the market. 

    Protect Your Chiropractic Clinic 

    Give your chiropractic clinic the protection it deserves with sneeze guard solutions from Sneeze GuardEZ. As the world continues to shift towards health and safety measures to combat the most recent pandemic — your practice should be at the frontlines of providing the very best in protective practices. 

    Our wide selection of sneeze guard products helps keep respiratory droplets at bay so that your chiropractic clinic can operate at the highest level.  

    Does your chiropractic clinic need protection? Contact us to get started! 

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