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Sneeze Guard for Concert Venues

We outfit concert venues across the country with affordable and long-lasting sneeze guard protection. With a wide range of protective barriers and PPE solutions, we keep your venues safe from health risks associated with the spread of respiratory droplets. 

What’s the best way for concert venues to keep their occupants and staff safe while also providing the same great experience? 

We offer a simple and effective way to protect your concert venue from viral outbreaks caused by the preventable spread of respiratory droplets. Our USA-made sneeze guard options are built with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship — keeping concert-goers and team safe with physical protection. 


Clamp On Panel Extender installs in minutes!

Using only a screwdriver, you can install these brushed aluminum panel extenders in minutes!

Why Sneeze Guards?

Viruses and bacteria latch onto tiny respiratory droplets, which can cause serious health and safety risks for concert venues nationwide. Whenever we sneeze, cough, speak or even breathe — these droplets launch from our mouths, which can cause serious health concerns if they carry pathogens. Concert venues have to be especially mindful of these health concerns, especially with a large number of occupants. Our wide variety of sneeze guard barriers can help keep key touchpoints and interactive environments safe.

We can even custom build sneeze guard solutions, giving you the freedom to outfit nearly any area of your venue with reliable protection.

Our Wide Range of Sneeze Guard Solutions

Countertop Sneeze Guards 

From ticket counters to concession stands, our countertop sneeze guard barriers help maintain safe distancing and prevent the spread of respiratory droplets from staff to customers or vice versa. We’ve helped equip concert venues around the country with protective solutions, keeping key touchpoints like ticket counters or concession areas safe. Built with plexiglass or polycarbonate paneling and aluminum basing, our countertop sneeze guards are the durable and reliable system you need in your concert venue today. Discover more about our countertop options today. 

    Hanging Sneeze Guards 

    We offer hanging sneeze guard protection for ticket counters and concession stands as well, helping clear up counter space cluttered with POS systems, promotional material, computers, and more. Easy to install onto ceilings or overhead fixtures, our hanging sneeze guards keep interactive areas protected while also providing a seamless transaction window. Plus, there simple to adjust for unmatched protection at any height. Check out our hanging solutions today.

      Pass-Through Sneeze Guards 

      If you have the counter space to spare and want a transaction window that also adds physical protection, offer pass-through sneeze guards for your concert venues. These shatterproof and acrylic shields install with ease and give your venue protection both day and night. 

        Where to Install Sneeze Guards 

        There’s no shortage of interactive areas in your concert venue, where face-to-face conversations are necessary for your operation. Unfortunately, these are high-risk areas for health concerns. We can help you uncover which environments are best suited for sneeze guard protection. 

        • Ticket counters
        • Concession stands 
        • concert seating areas 
        • Balcony seating 
        • VIP booths 
        • And more

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          Sneeze Guard Solutions for Concert Venues 

          Our extensive catalog of sneeze guard barriers gives your concert venue options so that you can find the perfect solution to keep both concert-goers and staff safe. Discover how Sneeze GuardEZ can help today. 

          Sneeze Guard Panels & Barriers

          Whether you’re in need of hanging sneeze guards, pass-through options, or countertop solutions for your concession stands or ticket counters — or freestanding mobile-protection, you can move as you need; we have you covered. 

          We’ve worked with numerous concert venues nationwide, equipping their establishments with the most trusted name in sneeze guard protection: Sneeze GuardEZ. Our high-quality products are renowned for their durability, stability, and affordability for venues, both big and small.

          Custom Sneeze Guards + Protective Barriers 

          Are you looking for a specialized sneeze guard for your concert venue? Our expert team of designers, programmers, engineers, and metal fabricators will work with you to create the perfect sneeze guard solution — no matter the size. 

          We can even craft concert seating sneeze guard protection to help separate concert-goers or even performers and keep everyone safe. Take a look at how we create inspiring custom options today.

          Concert Venue Sneeze Guards You Can Trust 

          Over the years, Sneeze GuardEZ has become the #1 name in sneeze guard solutions, and concert venues put their faith in our products to keep their facilities safe. Whether you’re looking to implement a few sneeze guards here and there or take on a massive overhaul of protective barriers — we can help. 

          Don’t let health and safety concerns plague your key touchpoints and interactive areas. Protect your convert venue with sneeze guards from Sneeze GuardEZ. Explore our wide range of offerings and discover how we can create completely custom options for your venue today. 

          Does your concert venue need protection? Shop now to get started! 

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