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Sneeze Guards for Concession Stands

Entertainment venues rely on concession stands to feed their visitors. Sneeze GuardEZ offers reliable protective barriers to keep both staff and customers protected at concession stands nationwide. As more and more venues open up, owners are tasked with boosting safety measures during these difficult times. 

Concession stands are an interactive environment, so how can you keep everyone safe in these key touchpoints?

One of the most effective and affordable solutions for safe social distancing is sneeze guard barriers. These panels offer physical protection, preventing the spread of respiratory droplets that could contain COVID-19 and other viruses. As non-essential businesses, entertainment venues need to be especially vigilant during this pandemic to stop outbreaks and keep everyone safe.

Why Sneeze Guards?

Clamp On Panel Extender installs in minutes!

Using only a screwdriver, you can install these brushed aluminum panel extenders in minutes!

Sneeze guards are extremely simple, but that’s what makes them so effective. Viruses like COVID-19 spread from respiratory droplets that we emit whenever we speak, cough, sneeze, or breathe. You’d be surprised just how far these droplets can travel. At key touchpoints, like concession stands, this is a recipe for contagion. Sneeze guards offer a sound solution, separating staff and customers while also offering physical protection against the spread of respiratory droplets.

Using high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, we make our sneeze guard barriers right here in the USA. Venue owners are stepping up safety protocols, and one of the most popular and effective methods is sneeze guard barriers for their concession stands.

Our Wide Range of Products for You

Countertop Sneeze Guards 

We’ve outfitted a wide range of concession stands around the country with countertop sneeze guards that are super easy to install and effective at preventing the spread of respiratory droplets. No matter how large your concession counter is, we have protective barriers that will keep your food area safe. You’ll get unparalleled stability with our aluminum basing and shatterproof paneling for protection throughout the day. 

Hanging Sneeze Guards 

Are your concession counters crowded with POS systems? Our hanging sneeze guards offer the perfect solution for cluttered countertops, giving you a seamless pass-through area and unmatched protection from respiratory droplets. Raising and lowering your hanging sneeze guard is a breeze, plus they’re easy to install from your ceiling or overhead fixtures. Give your concession stand the sneeze guards it deserves.

Pass-Through Sneeze Guards 

Our pass-through sneeze guards have a built-in lower window that sits below the mouthline for improved protection at your concession stands. These give your staff and customers an interactive window for purchases while also keeping everyone safe from respiratory droplets. Preserve your exchange process while also giving everyone peace of mind throughout the day.

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We’ve Helped Countless Industries

We’ve helped countless entertainment venues during these difficult times by outfitting their concession stands with reliable and affordable sneeze guard barriers. Take a look at some of the markets we’ve equipped: 

  • Movie Theatres
  • Stadiums
  • Amusement Parks
  • Concert Venues 
  • Zoos 
  • Aquariums 
  • And More!

Sneeze Guard Solutions for Concession Stands 

We give concession stands in venues nationwide protection they can rely on. Our sneeze guard barriers are renowned for their quality and effectiveness. We’ll work with your venue to provide the perfect solution, every time. 

Sneeze Guard Panels & Barriers

We offer a diverse range of sneeze guard barriers and PPE solutions. Whether its countertop options, hanging solutions, or pass-through sneeze guards — our wide array of products gives you the flexibility and freedom to discover the perfect option for your concession stands. Keep your staff and customers protected 24/7 with Sneeze GuardEZ.

Custom Sneeze Guards + Protective Barriers 

Do you need a unique creation to keep your concession stand safe? We’ll craft you custom sneeze guards that fit your exact needs and parameters. Our incredible team of engineers, designers, programmers, and metal fabricators will work with you every step of the way to ensure the perfect option for your concession stand. 

Through high-quality plexiglass or polycarbonate paneling and superior materials, our custom solutions are unmatched in the industry. No matter the size of your project or the complexity of your needs — we’ll exceed your expectations at every turn to ensure that you’re getting the best possible sneeze guard solution.

The Very Best in Sneeze Guards

We’ve outfitted countless concession stands around the country with high-quality sneeze guards made right here in the USA. Our effective and affordable options give you the protection you deserve both day and night. While venues nationwide are scrambling to equip their concession stands with safety equipment, we’ll keep your establishment ahead of the curve with sneeze guard barriers that are built to last. Keep your staff and visitors protected from the spread of respiratory droplets today. 

Shop out our wide range of products or explore how we can craft custom solutions for your concession stands.

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