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Sneeze Guard for Dental Office

We offer protective sneeze guard shields and barriers for dental offices nationwide. The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted how your business operates, and safety precautions have reshaped how dental practices protect staff and patients. So, the question has been asked: 

How do you keep your team and patients healthy and safe while maintaining a personal and collaborative dental environment? 

Our solution is a high-quality and affordable acrylic protective divider that reduces the spread of germs and viruses while preserving the interactive experiences with patients during their dental visit. Sneeze GuardEZ’ commitment to offering a versatile, yet simple solution is what puts us at the forefront of the protective sneeze barrier market. 

How Does the Sneeze Guard Work?

Clamp On Panel Extender installs in minutes!

Using only a screwdriver, you can install these brushed aluminum panel extenders in minutes!

Dental practices rely on providing optimal care while maintaining safety standards and procedures. While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the American Dental Association (ADA) implement strict dental hygiene and safety standards, there is still room to grow. The recent focus on germ and virus prevention has caused many healthcare and dental offices to look for new ways to increase protection for patients and staff.

That’s where the sneeze guard comes into play.

Administrative Areas

Your administrative staff interacts with patients daily. Whether it’s greeting them as they walk in, checking in before an appointment, scheduling their next visit, or even consultations — the amount of face to face interactions is immense. Reception or greeting areas may seem like the safest area in a dental office, but they are actually an extremely high-risk environment for spreading germs and bacteria. 

Sneeze guard technology puts a protective barrier between your patients and staff — protecting both parties as they communicate with one another. 

Our wide range of sneeze guard panels easily installs onto your front desk area, offering unparalleled physical protection to give your patients and staff peace of mind. With various styles and sizes to choose from, you’re able to custom fit the perfect protective barrier to your administrative area, offering both transparency and protection at the same time. 

As the nation’s leading source of desktop sneeze barriers — we’re able to provide your dental office with freestanding technology that is both functional and aesthetic. 

Dental Operatories 

Every dental operatory is subject to a long list of compliance standards, infection control guidelines, and hygiene criteria that create a safe environment for practice. 

Recent events have highlighted areas that can be improved, and dental professionals are seeking new ways to provide safe care to their patients. Sneeze guard technology doesn’t stop at the front desk. We offer custom protective barrier solutions that dental professionals can take advantage of while attending to patients. 

Similar in function, but differ in design, sneeze guards can be placed over a patient to protect dental professionals and patients from water droplets or other bodily fluids during procedures. 

At Sneeze GuardEZ, we’re able to create custom solutions to fit your exact operatory needs — offering unparalleled quality and protection. We have a team of incredible in-house designers, CNC programmers, and a wide array of innovative tools and equipment that allow us to create truly custom options for our clients. We’ve worked on a ton of interesting and creative projects, utilizing ingenuity to find new and exciting solutions for dental practices to increase the safety of the operatory space.

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    Sneeze Guard Solutions for Dental Offices

    We offer a wide range of sneeze guard shields and barriers, along with brackets and custom options, just for your dental practice. 

    Sneeze Guard Panels & Barriers 

    We offer various sizes of sneeze guard barriers made from high quality and transparent plexiglass materials for increased protection while maintaining a visual line of sight. These panels can be quickly and easily installed without professional assistance — which means no fancy or expensive tools needed! All it takes is a flat head screwdriver, and you’re able to attach the sneeze guard brackets to the panels in a matter of minutes. We also include rubber non-slide pads to ensure that your sneeze guard barrier can remain freestanding and secure even if disturbed.


    Do you already have your own plexiglass or plastic sheets? Well, we have extender brackets to help extend or adjust your current sneeze guard setup. Made from high-quality aluminum with a bead blasted finish, these brackets will not only last — but offer unparalleled stability for your sneeze guard barriers. Using a 3M VHB Aircraft-grade backing, you’re able to adhere to your current plexiglass, polycarbonate, or other plastic protective setups with ease.

    Custom Sneeze Guards + Protective Barriers 

    If you’re looking for a sneeze guard or protective barrier for your operatory rooms, you’ll likely need a custom solution. We can work with you and your exact needs to find a custom sneeze guard solution that you’re looking for. From start to finish, we can help design and produce a sneeze guard or alternative PPE product that works for your dental office.

    Our team of extraordinary designers, engineers, CNC programmers, and metal fabricators work together to craft the ultimate custom solution for you. Whether it’s acrylic, PET-G, or polycarbonate materials for the shield or custom aluminum for the brackets — we can design a shield for any safety guard application. 

    Our Commitment to Quality 

    We offer our sneeze guard protection nationwide, providing dental practices with high-quality barriers that they can take advantage of today. Give your patients and staff the reassurance they need — showing that you’re taking all of the necessary steps to keep them safe. 
    Our expert craftsman and designers use only the highest quality plexiglass, polycarbonate, and PET-G materials for your barriers. We combine these incredible barrier materials with aluminum bases and brackets for improved stability and extended lifespans of our products. 

    Protect Your Dental Office 

    Your dental practice deserves unparalleled and increased protection during these difficult times. We’re here to provide your administrative area and operatories with protective shields and barriers to help prevent the spread of germs and viruses. 
    Our wide range of sizes and styles gives you the freedom to find a solution that fits. Plus, we can create completely customized barriers to fit your exact needs. 
    Does your office need protection? Contact us to get started! 

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