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Sneeze Guards for Desks

Throughout the United States, businesses and municipalities have turned to Sneeze GuardEZ to better equip their desks with industry-leading sneeze guard barriers. The COVID-19 pandemic has refocused the approach establishments take to protect their employees and customers better, especially in close-quarter interactions. This has caused many to think:

How can businesses maintain an open, collaborative environment while keeping employees and customers safe each day?

Here at Sneeze GuardEZ, our industry specialists have found an answer to that question. We provide customers nationwide with USA-made industry-leading and reasonable sneeze guard barriers for desks. These plexiglass and acrylic sheets further prevent the spread of dangerous respiratory droplets that may carry a contagious virus or bacteria. You can count on our PPE solutions to provide your employees and customers with protection day in and day out regardless of the workspace you’re in.

How Do Sneeze Guards Work?

Sneeze guards are a cost-effective, simple solution to further prevent the spread of dangerous respiratory droplets in your establishment. Our plexiglass and acrylic sheets are transparent, meaning you’ll comfortably navigate close-quarter interactions without worrying about spreading viruses or bacteria from person to person. We design our sneeze guard barriers for desks for quick and straightforward installation, meaning your establishment will have optimized protection in no time.

Our design experts can also create customized sneeze guard desk solutions that fit your businesses’ unique needs and layout. Sneeze GuardEZ is here to help establishments optimize their safety plans and help create a comfortable, safe environment that both customers and staff will enjoy.

Choose sneeze guards for your establishment today.

Reception Areas

Office spaces throughout the country have reception areas, and, in many instances, customers base their first impression on this interaction. Due to COVID-19, reception areas have become extremely high-risk areas, as close-quarter interactions can increase the spread of infectious respiratory droplets. That’s why Sneeze GuardEZ is here to offer businesses and municipalities with easy to install and top-quality desk sneeze guards that can be utilized in reception areas for optimized protection.

We’re known for our high-quality and cost-effective sneeze guards for desks. Our transparent plexiglass or acrylic sheets can be installed quickly, meaning you’ll soon be worry-free and have the protection you need.

Here at Sneeze GuardEZ, we have a varying assortment of sneeze guard panels that range in size and shape. If these solutions don’t work, we can design a custom solution with your needs in mind. Our panels work wonderfully for desks in reception areas in a variety of office settings:

Restaurants + Eateries

Sneeze guard solutions are a necessity for food industry establishments, especially on buffets or self-serve areas. COVID-19 has refocused the way food safety measures are approached, and adding increased safety to host desks is a priority. Desk sneeze guard barriers for restaurants will protect employees and customers during close-quarter interactions to prevent contagious respiratory droplets from spreading.

Sneeze Guard Panels + Barriers

Our industry-leading sneeze guard barriers are created from top-quality materials at a reasonable price. Our USA-made panels provide establishments with a simple way to further prevent the spread of respiratory viruses and bacteria in your workspace. With our sneeze guard solutions, all you’ll need is a flat head screwdriver to equip your office. Our sneeze guards for desks are expertly crafted with rubber non-slide pads for optimized stability, so you can easily adjust them as needed.

Custom Sneeze Guards + Protective Barriers

Customers across the country need custom solutions for their desks, and Sneeze GuardEZ has become their go-to for custom sneeze guard solutions. Our remarkable team of designers, engineers, and programmers guide you from project start to finish to design the custom solution you’ve been hoping for.

Our solutions are outstandingly durable as we utilize high-quality acrylic, PET-G, or polycarbonate material paired with aluminum basing. We’ve designed numerous sneeze guard desk solutions for customers to provide their employees and customers with the protection they deserve.

Our Dedication to Cleanliness

Due to our remarkable commitment to quality and service, Sneeze GuardEZ is the leading sneeze guard company in the United States. This means our customers are provided with top-notch protective barrier solutions every time. We recognize the importance of giving your employees and customers a clean and comfortable work environment. Our experts have worked with numerous establishments to better optimize their desks with sneeze guard barriers.

We stand behind our outstanding products and our remarkable sneeze guard experts who continually provide industry-leading solutions.

Optimize Your Business Safety Plan

Establishments in every industry utilize desks, and at times, these spaces are where close-quarter interactions occur. Incorporating sneeze guards into your workspace will increase protection and communicate to the public that your establishment prioritizes the safety of both staff and customers.

Our variety of sneeze guard products and custom solutions provides you with the design versatility you need to find the best setup for your business. Choose a cost effective, low-maintenance sneeze guard solution from Sneeze GuardEZ today.

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