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Sneeze Guard for Gyms

Here at Sneeze GuardEZ, we offer protective barriers and shields for gyms and workout facilities to keep staff and visitors safe. It’s become increasingly crucial for business owners to go the extra mile to keep their patrons and team members healthy in these troubling times. With that said, there’s one question on every gym owner’s mind: 

What can we do to maintain a safe and virus-free facility while still keeping all of our various workout equipment and machinery operational? 

We offer a simple and effective solution — affordable, high-quality, and easy to install sneeze guard barriers that prevent respiratory droplets from spreading throughout the gym. These shields offer a physical barrier between workout stations or areas — and our freestanding solutions are easy to move around to areas that may receive more traffic than others.

How Do Sneeze Guards Work?

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Most gyms have their weightlifting equipment, cardio machines, and workout areas in fairly close proximity to one another, which is a recipe for spreading respiratory illnesses. Add in the higher respiratory rates that accompany those who utilize these facilities, and you have quick-spreading issues. We offer a simple way to keep gym-goers safe, by outfitting workout areas with sneeze guard barriers wherever you need them the most. 

This is where sneeze guards work their magic.

Reception Areas 

From the moment visitors enter your facility, they’re greeted by front desk staff. These areas can be high risk due to the interactive nature, and sneeze guards are a perfect way to keep both customers and staff safe from the moment they walk in the door. 

As a physical barrier, sneeze guards not only provide optimal functionality but also peace of mind that your fitness facility is doing its part to keep everyone safe. It’s a fantastic first impression that shows you’re invested in everyone’s health and wellness from the get-go. 

Here at Sneeze GuardEZ, we offer a wide range of sneeze guard barrier options for you to choose from, from countertop varieties to freestanding solutions that can easily be moved around.  

Through high-quality materials, commitment to service, and affordability, we’ve become the #1 sneeze guard company in the nation — helping countless gyms keep staff and customers protected. 

Weightlifting Areas 

Whether it’s to separate bench presses, squat machines, dumbbell stations, or free weight areas — sneeze guard barriers are the perfect way to protect customers while they workout. We offer freestanding solutions that are easily movable to accommodate areas that may have increased traffic — giving you more flexibility with your sneeze guard shields. 

Cardio Areas 

Nothing gets the heart rate going, and the respiratory system more active than your cardio areas, where gym-goers push their limits day in and day out to make the progress they need to reach their goals. The problem is that these machines deal with limited space, which means they’re in very close proximity to one another. Following COVID-19, this creates a significant risk factor for your customers. Sneeze guards are a great way to separate machines and keep visitors safe while getting a healthy sweat in. 

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Sneeze Guard Solutions for Gyms 

We house a wide range of sneeze guard solutions and barriers that gyms and workout facilities can take advantage of. 

Sneeze Guard Panels & Barriers 

We provide sneeze guard barriers made from high-quality and shatterproof plexiglass materials for ultimate durability and stability in your workout facility. With a wide range of both countertop and freestanding mobile options with rubber non-slide pads, you can find a solution that works for your gym, keeping both staff and visitors safe. 

Custom Sneeze Guards + Protective Barriers 

If you’re looking for a unique sneeze guard option for a specialized application in your workout facility, we can craft a custom sneeze guard barrier just for you. Our team of incredible designers and engineers work together to create the perfect solution for your gym. 

Utilizing high-quality plexiglass or polycarbonate for shatterproof paneling, along with aluminum brackets, we’ve created some awesome custom products for our customers. We’re here to help you keep your gym safe through custom PPE solutions to prevent the spread of respiratory droplets. 

Our Commitment to Quality 

Affordable doesn’t mean cheap — and we believe every business should have access to quality sneeze guard options. We craft our protective barriers right here in the USA using durable materials for unparalleled protection. 

Our designers, engineers, CNC programmers, and metal fabricators work together to create the best sneeze guards in the industry to help outfit your gym with unmatched physical protection. 

Protect Your Gym 

Your gym deserves reliable protection at every turn. In these tough times, uncertainty is everywhere — but with sneeze guard barriers you’re able to provide some semblance of trust and peace of mind that your doing your best to keep both staff and customers safe. 

Take a look at our wide range of sneeze guard styles and sizes to find a protective barrier that works for your workout facility. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can create a custom solution just for you. 

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