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Sneeze Guard for Laundromats

Laundromats around the country put their faith in Sneeze GuardEZ to outfit their establishments with reliable and affordable protective barriers. Keeping both staff and customers safe should be top of mind for laundromat owners, which begs the question: 

What’s the best way for laundromats nationwide to protect their occupants from the spread of respiratory viruses and bacteria? 

Sneeze guards offer physical protection against respiratory droplets, keeping possible pathogens at bay so that customers can use the machines without worry. We can outfit any area of your business with high-quality and affordable protection today. 

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Why Are Sneeze Guards So Effective?

When it comes to stopping the spread of respiratory droplets, the most cost-effective and efficient method is physical barriers. As people speak, sneeze, cough, or even breathe — they expel tiny droplets of moisture that could contain harmful diseases. In laundromats, where customers can be just a few feet from one another, this can cause health concerns. We offer a wide range of sneeze guard products to help separate customers and keep your laundromat safe. 

We craft our sneeze shields right here in the USA from high-quality materials. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for incredible products and reliable protection for laundromats of any size. 

Our Laundromat Sneeze Guard Offerings

Countertop Sneeze Guards 

Whether it’s for your attendant desk or laundry machine backstop — our countertop sneeze guards come in a wide range of sizes and styles that your laundromat can take advantage of today. Using high-quality aluminum basing and plexiglass (acrylic) paneling — we craft our countertop solutions with care in mind. Take a look at our options today. 

    Hanging Sneeze Guards 

    Our hanging sneeze guards can be a great addition to nearly any area of your laundromat. You can utilize hanging solutions to keep isles separated, protect your attendant desk, or even place them between machines. Simple to install onto overhead fixtures or ceilings, you can also adjust your hanging sneeze guard with ease. Take a look at our hanging protective shields today.

      Freestanding Mobile Sneeze Guards

      Our freestanding mobile sneeze guard barriers are perfect for laundromats of any size. These solutions give laundromat owners the flexibility to move their protective shields to high-traffic areas — keeping customers safer. Check out our wide range of freestanding systems today. 

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        Our Full Lineup 

        We equip laundromats around the country with protective shields and sneeze guard solutions. Our USA-made products will give your staff and customers peace of mind that you’re taking actionable measures to protect their health and wellness. 

        Sneeze Guard Panels & Barriers

        Whether it’s our countertop offerings, hanging sneeze guards, or freestanding mobile options — we house a wide range of sneeze guard panels and barriers for you to shop from. Take a look at all of our sneeze guard shields today.

        Custom Sneeze Guards + Protective Barriers

        If you need a unique sneeze guard solution for your laundromat, look no further. We offer custom sneeze guard barriers to fit your exact needs — no matter the size or specifications. Our team of highly skilled designers, engineers, programmers, and metal fabricators will work tirelessly to craft perfect custom solutions for your laundromat.

        Over the years, we’ve been a part of some truly awesome custom creations and are excited about working with you to craft even more. Shop today to get started on your very own custom sneeze guard barrier.

        Sneeze Guards You Can Trust

        We’ve worked with countless laundromats to outfit their business with reliable sneeze guards at an affordable rate. Health and safety will only continue in importance for business owners like you — which means implementing new PPE solutions into your establishments. To keep both staff and customers safe, take advantage of our wide range of sneeze guard barriers and protective offerings. 

        Check out our wide selection of products and discover how we can work with you to craft custom sneeze guards for your laundromat. 

        Explore our catalog of sneeze guard offerings and learn how we can create custom protective barriers for your business today. 

        Does your laundromat need protection? Shop now to get started!

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