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Sneeze Guards For Medical Clinics

We outfit medical clinics with industry-leading sneeze guards that protect patients and staff from disease. Given the dangerous viruses and bacteria that exist, safety measures are constantly being scrutinized and improved to ensure a safe environment. Medical clinics provide incredibly important essential services, so they’ve got to ask the question:

How can we keep staff and patients safe while maintaining a comfortable and effective environment in our medical clinic?

Our USA-made sneeze shields are crafted from plexiglass sheets that stop virus-spreading respiratory droplets in their tracks. What’s more, they’re affordable and durable, so you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on a product that will soon need to be replaced. Sneeze GuardEZ’s medical clinic solutions allow staff and patients to interact meaningfully while staying safe. 

How Do Sneeze Shields Work?

Clamp On Panel Extender installs in minutes!

Using only a screwdriver, you can install these brushed aluminum panel extenders in minutes!

Medical clinic patients are usually already sick or suffering in some way. They should never expect to contract another disease when they come to you for medical care. Sneeze guards are the safe and sanitary solution to keeping staff and patients safe. When patients can see physical evidence that your clinic cares about their health and safety, they can relax and have peace of mind for the duration of their visit. Our transparent sneeze shields are a revolutionary way to prevent disease spread through respiratory droplets in your medical clinic. 

Ramp up your safety measures with sneeze guards.

Reception Areas

A medical clinic’s reception area is both the first and last touchpoint for patient visits. It generally has the highest density of people at any given time, so this is the most crucial area to implement heightened safety measures. Of course, you can section off rows of chairs to ensure patients don’t get too close to each other, but how can you ensure the same for patients and administrators? Sneeze guards.

Using our first-rate protective panels and shields to create reliable barriers between employees and patients permits necessary face-to-face interactions to take place safely.

Sneeze guards for the reception are a must. To ensure you get the perfect solution for your medical clinic, we offer a wide range of protective and easy-to-install sneeze guard panels. Our sneeze guards are made of solid acrylic sheets that come in various shapes and sizes. You can even customize them to suit your specific needs.

Our USA-made sneeze guards for desks are the best in the nation. Together, we can equip your reception area with the tools needed to maintain staff and patient safety in this high-traffic area.


Exam Rooms

The exam room is a place where intimate interactions have to take place in order for patients to receive the care they need. Although these spaces are already subject to many rules and regulations regarding safety precautions, there is always room for improvement.

Whether it’s a simple check-up or a cancer screening, all doctor exams require close contact. Luckily, there are sneeze guards that can help prevent germ spread in even the closest situations while still allowing doctors and patients to have conversations.

At Sneeze GuardEZ, we offer the solutions you need and make them right here in the United States. Our customizable acrylic sneeze guards can take the form of a mobile barrier on wheels or one that is fixed to the ceiling and hangs down for protection that doesn’t take up limited floor space. We have a stellar team of in-house designers, CNC programmers, and metal fabricators who collaborate to create the perfect custom solutions for your medical clinic.

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Sneeze Guard Solutions for Medical Clinics

Our selection of sneeze guard solutions, extender brackets, and custom options are the perfect solution for your medical clinic.


Sneeze Guard Panels + Barriers

Our sneeze guard barriers are the best on the market. When it comes to quality and value,

Sneeze GuardEZ just cannot be beaten. Our sneeze guards come in assorted styles and sizes to fit your needs, and they’re made of high quality and shatterproof plexiglass sheets. Everyone knows the importance of face-to-face interactions that allow you to look another person in the eye and connect on a human level. With our easy-to-install panels, you’ll never have to forego these essential interactions. If you have a flathead screwdriver, you can attach your sneeze guard brackets in a matter of minutes. If you choose our freestanding barriers, you can rest easy knowing the non-slide rubber panels will keep the guard secure in its place.

Extender Brackets

If you already have the plexiglass panels and barriers you need, our extender brackets can help adjust or extend your existing set up to increase its efficacy and functionality. Our brackets are made of high-quality aluminum. They won’t break like the cheap plastic parts our competitors use. The aluminum’s strength and durability combined with the air-craft grade adhesive used to attach the bracket to the barrier form the best product available.

Custom Sneeze Guards + Protective Barriers 

Some spaces in your medical clinic will require creative solutions to maintain safety and the quality of doctor-patient or staff-patient interactions. Our talented and innovative designers, programmers, and fabricators never fail to create the perfect custom sneeze guard solution for our customers. Whether you need a barrier or a different PPE product, we will work with you to ensure we create exactly what you need to protect your patients and staff.

Our Quality Guarantee

At Sneeze GuardEZ, we take pride in the products we offer. We craft the highest quality solutions possible. Our sneeze guards are made in the USA from durable materials that are guaranteed to last and keep your medical clinic staff and patients safe. The talented team of professionals at Sneeze GuardEZ works tirelessly to ensure you get the perfect product every time.


Protect Your Medical Clinic

Give your medical clinic, employees, and patients the health and safety protections they deserve. As the medical field continues to change and shift, we are forced to reexamine and revamp our health and safety measures. Ensure your clinic is ahead of the curve, not behind it with Sneeze GuardEZ’s plexiglass barrier solutions.

Our selection of sneeze shields help stop the spread of dangerous viruses. Promote health and safety in your clinic for years to come.

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