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Sneeze Guard for Movie Theaters

We offer a wide range of sneeze guard solutions for movie theater nationwide, helping keep visitors and staff safe from respiratory pathogens. Health and safety are of paramount concern for movie theater owners, begging one simple question: 

How can we preserve the “movie theater” experience for our guests while also implementing the right precautions to keep them safe? 

Sneeze GuardEZ offers protective barriers and plexiglass shields made right here in the USA. Using high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, we’re able to outfit movie theaters across the country with reliable and affordable sneeze guard protection to prevent the spread of respiratory droplets in the cinema. We’re also able to create custom sneeze guard options to keep movie-goers protected inside the theater. 

Why Sneeze Guards?

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Respiratory droplets that can carry harmful pathogens, viruses, and bacteria can be a serious issue, especially for confined spaces like a movie theater. Sneeze guards offer physical protection, separating patrons or keeping visitors and staff safe behind a transparent and shatterproof acrylic barrier. Every time we cough, sneeze, speak, or even breathe — we emit tiny respiratory droplets that could pose a risk if someone is sick. Sneeze guards stop these droplets in their tracks, keeping those in your movie theater safe to enjoy their films. 

It’s no surprise that movie theaters rely on several face-to-face touchpoints — and Sneeze GuardEZ is here to help you keep those areas safe. 

Our Sneeze Guard Solutions

Countertop Sneeze Guards 

From your ticket counter to your concession stands — our countertop sneeze guard solutions keep these high-risk areas safe. We’ve equipped countless movie theaters with our high-quality and affordable protective products. Our countertop sneeze guards come in a wide range of shapes and sizes so that you can find the right fit for your ticket counters and concession stands. We make sure our solutions are a breeze to install, no expensive or complex tools necessary. With just a flathead screwdriver, you’re well on your way to ensuring the safety of your staff and visitors both day and night. 

Hanging Sneeze Guards 

Many concession stands and ticket counters are crowded with POS systems, computers, snack racks, and more. That’s why we offer hanging sneeze guard options to free up space while still providing the same great physical protection. These hanging solutions are super easy to install to your ceilings or overhead fixtures, plus they adjust with ease to create a natural pass-through window. Discover our wide range of hanging sneeze guards today. .

Pass-Through Sneeze Guards 

If you can spare the counter space, our pass-through sneeze guards offer a seamless transaction window while also providing unmatched protection for staff and customers. Our durable and shatterproof pass-through solutions are a perfect match for ticket counters and concession stands in your cinema.

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Sneeze Guard Solutions for Movie Theaters 

We have an extensive lineup of high-quality sneeze guard shields and protective barriers to keep any area of your movie theaters safe. Discover how we can help you keep staff and customers safe today. 

Sneeze Guard Panels & Barriers

Whether it’s our countertop or hanging sneeze guards, or our pass-through solutions and even freestanding mobile options — we offer a diverse catalog of reliable PPE products for your cinema. 

Sneeze GuardEZ offers the very best in sneeze guard protection for your movie theater through high-quality acrylic or polycarbonate paneling and aluminum basing.

Custom Sneeze Guards + Protective Barriers 

We’ve helped movie theaters around the country through custom sneeze guard barriers to keep the inside of the cinema safe for movie-goers. Our team of expert designers, engineers, metal fabricators, and programmers will work with you from start to finish to ensure the perfect solution for your theater — every time. 

If you’re looking for something unique or a massive sneeze guard undertaking to fit entire rows of your theater — we can help. We’ve created some incredible designs over the years and are excited about working with you to craft custom solutions of any scale. 

Sneeze Guards You Can Rely On 

As the #1 name in sneeze guard solutions for movie theaters, Sneeze GuardEZ has the reputation, products, and service to exceed expectations every step of the way. We’ll work with projects, both big and small, ensuring that your cinema has the protection it deserves 24/7. 

Don’t let health concerns or safety issues plague your movie theater. Instead, choose Sneeze GuardEZ for your protective barriers and acrylic shields today. Discover our diverse range of products and learn how we can craft unique custom sneeze guards for your movie theater. 

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