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Sneeze Guards For Nursing Homes

We help outfit nursing homes nationwide with trusted sneeze guard protection to keep residents, staff, and visitors safe. With an at-risk population, taking every available precaution to keep residents safe is a must for nursing homes, and we offer reliable protection for nearly every area. Many nursing home administrators must ask the question: 

How can we maintain a safe and secure facility to protect our residents’ health and wellness at every turn? 

Sneeze guard barriers add extra safeguards to help keep respiratory illnesses from spreading through physical protection. We can help outfit various spaces of your nursing home with a wide range of high-quality sneeze guard products that work.

Why Are Sneeze Guards So Effective?

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When it comes down to health and wellness concerns, nursing homes have too many to count — and it’s a constant uphill battle to keep residents safe throughout the day. Sneeze guards are an excellent defense against the spread of respiratory droplets, which can carry harmful pathogens, spreading viruses or bacteria throughout your facility. These affordable and reliable acrylic sheets offer physical protection against the spread of respiratory droplets in high-risk areas. Whenever people speak, sneeze, cough, or even breathe — they expel these droplets at an alarming rate.

 Our USA- made sneeze guards keep these respiratory droplets from spreading by separating individuals that need to speak with one another, cutting down on outbreaks, and safeguarding your nursing home. We’ve built a reputation for reliable and effective offerings, with a wide range of acrylic shields and protective barriers you can take advantage of today.

Our Sneeze Guard Offerings For Nursing Homes 

Countertop Sneeze Guards 

Our countertop sneeze guards are perfect for nursing stations, reception, administrative areas, and more — keeping interactive areas protected at every turn. Our countertop offerings are crafted using durable acrylic or polycarbonate shielding with aluminum basing for added stability. Explore our wide range of countertop options today.

Hanging Sneeze Guards 

For busy nursing stations or reception areas cluttered with computing equipment, hanging sneeze guards free up your counter space while still providing unmatched protection. Hanging sneeze guards also offer a natural pass-through window for passing out medication, documentation, and more. Easy to adjust, affordable, and simple to install, our hanging solutions are perfect for your nursing home.

Freestanding Mobile Sneeze Guards

We also offer freestanding mobile sneeze guards that give you the flexibility and control to outfit nearly any area of your nursing home with physical protection. Take a look at our wide selection of freestanding sneeze guard barriers today.

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Reliable and Affordable Sneeze Guard Protection

Over the years, countless nursing homes have put their faith in Sneeze GuardEZ for our high-quality sneeze guard barriers. We house a wide range of acrylic sheets and plexiglass shields that your nursing home can utilize to improve safety and curb health concerns when used in conjunction with existing safety protocols. 

Sneeze Guard Panels & Barriers

From countertop solutions and hanging sneeze guards to freestanding options and more — we offer a comprehensive selection of sneeze guard barries you can trust. Take a look at our full lineup of sneeze guard barriers today.

Custom Sneeze Guards + Protective Barriers 

We’ve worked with nursing homes around the country to craft unique solutions to fit their exact needs. If you’re looking for custom sneeze guard barriers — we’re here to help. Our skilled team of engineers, designers, programmers, and metal fabricators will work with you from start to finish to create the custom solution you’re looking for. 

We’ve crafted creative and custom options for hundreds of clients over the years and would love to work with your nursing home to create a specialized solution to protect your residents, staff, and visitors. 

Sneeze Guards Your Nursing Home Can Trust

Sneeze GuardEZ understands how important health and safety is for nursing homes throughout the U.S., which is why we put care and attention to detail into every solution we make. We’re the #1 sneeze guard company for a reason — as our commitment to excellence and dedication to our customers shines through our products. Keep your nursing home safe with reliable and affordable sneeze guard barriers today. 

Explore our wide range of products and offerings and learn how we can craft custom options for your nursing home — get the protection you deserve.  

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