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Sneeze Guards for Reception Desks

Sneeze Guard EZ has helped businesses and municipalities across the country better equip their reception desks with top-quality sneeze guard barriers. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many establishments are taking steps to fine-tune safety precautions to better protect employees and customers in high traffic areas and close-quarter interactions. Business owners nationwide are asking the question:

If an open, collaborative environment is important, how can we maintain this atmosphere while keeping staff and visitors safe?

What’s the answer? The Sneeze GuardEZ team has worked together to find a simple solution. Our customers are provided USA-made, top-quality, and cost-effective sneeze guard barriers for reception desks. These protective barrier solutions help prevent the spread of respiratory droplets that may be carrying harmful viruses or bacteria by offering a physical shield. Regardless of your industry profession, the Sneeze GuardEZ PPE solutions will provide employees and customers with the protection they need.

How Do Sneeze Guards Work?

Establishments nationwide are taking steps to better equip their office space with sneeze guards to heighten safety measures. Sneeze guards are a transparent physical barrier designed out of plexiglass and acrylic sheets. This allows your employees to continue navigating close-quarter interactions safely without any concern of spreading contagious viruses and bacteria through respiratory droplets from person to person. Our sneeze guards for reception desks are designed for easy installation so your business can have the protection it needs.

Our team of experts also offers customized sneeze guard solutions for reception desks that can better fit your establishment’s layout and needs. We’re here around the clock to help your business optimize its safety plan and create an environment that promotes safety and comfort for employees and customers.

Optimize your company’s safety plan with sneeze guards today.

Reception Areas

Establishments nationwide have reception areas, and many visitors base their first impression on their initial entry into your business. Close-quarter interactions occur in reception areas, making these spaces extremely high-risk, especially during COVID-19. Sneeze GuardEZ provides businesses and municipalities easy-to-install, industry-leading sneeze guards for reception desks to help reduce the spread of contagious respiratory droplets and increase protection.

Across the United States, Sneeze GuardEZ is known for its top-quality, affordable sneeze guards for reception desks. Our transparent plexiglass or acrylic sheets can be installed in no time, meaning your employees and customers will soon worry less and have exceptional protection.

We know every establishment is designed differently, so we offer a variety of sneeze guard panels that range in size and shape. If you can’t find a solution that works, our experts can design a custom barrier with your needs in mind. Our panels work remarkably well on reception desks in various industries:

Restaurants + Eateries

Food industry establishments must have sneeze guard solutions, especially in the self-serve, buffet, and waiting areas. Food safety measures have been reformed due to COVID-19, and adding increased protection to reception desks is highly recommended. Reception desk sneeze guard barriers for restaurants will further protect your employees and visitors from harmful respiratory droplets during close-quarter interactions.

Sneeze Guard Panels + Barriers

Our top-quality sneeze guard barriers are designed with high-quality, affordable materials. Our panels are made right here in the USA to provide establishments with a simple solution to further prevent the spread of contagious respiratory viruses and bacteria in your office space. The Sneeze GuardEZ team has created an easy-to-install design that can be completed with just a flat head screwdriver. Our sneeze guards for reception desks are equipped with rubber non-slide pads for increased stability, so they can be adjusted easily as needed.

Custom Sneeze Guards + Protective Barriers

Every establishment has a different layout, meaning you may need a custom solution for your reception desks. Clients across the United States continue to turn to Sneeze GuardEZ for custom sneeze guard solutions. Our expert designers, engineers, and programmers will be by your side from project start to finish to create the custom solution you’ve been searching for.

Our solutions are remarkably durable as we utilize high-quality acrylic, PET-G, or polycarbonate materials accompanied by aluminum basing. We’ve designed a variety of sneeze guard solutions for reception desks so establishments can effectively increase safety for staff and customers.

Our Commitment to Cleanliness

Here at Sneeze GuardEZ, we put our customers first by continually committing to quality and service. By choosing our sneeze guard solutions, your establishment will be equipped with the very best protective barrier solutions. We know comfort and safety are of high importance during these difficult times, and equipping your office with sneeze guard solutions will tell your staff and customers that you care. Our expert team has worked with numerous industries to better-fit reception desks with sneeze guard barriers.

We guarantee you’ll be impressed with our top-quality sneeze guard products and custom solutions that have been carefully crafted by our team of experts.

Better Equip Your Reception Desks Today

In every industry, reception desks serve as a high-traffic area where close-quarter interactions commonly occur between employees and customers. Not only do sneeze guards offer exceptional protection, but your customers will know your company is taking steps to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Our variety of sneeze guard products and custom solutions allows you to find the product that works best for your unique needs. With Sneeze GuardEZ, you’ll have budget-friendly sneeze guard solutions that allow for quick and easy installation.

Does your reception area need an optimized safety plan? Contact us to begin!

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