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Sneeze Guards for School Desks

Keeping kids and teaching staff safe during the school day is the #1 concern for schools during the COVID-19 pandemic. We offer PPE solutions for desks to help keep the learning environment safe. As learning institutions open back up, administrative staff need to ask one important question:

How can we keep children and staff safe throughout the day while also preserving a collaborative and sociable classroom? 

Sneeze GuardEZ offers an affordable and reliable way to prevent the spread of respiratory droplets through sneeze guards for school desks. We make all of our protective barriers here in the USA, so you know that you’ll be getting superior quality and durability. Explore how sneeze guards can help keep your classroom safe today.

How Sneeze Guards Work in Your School?

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When it comes to the wide range of social distancing measures schools can take, very few options are as affordable and effective as sneeze guard barriers. Classrooms thrive on conversation and interaction, which makes them a high-risk environment for respiratory illnesses like COVID-19. Whenever teachers or children speak, they expel respiratory droplets, which may contain harmful viruses, germs, or bacteria. 

Sneeze guards prevent these droplets from spreading by offering a physical barrier between students and even the teacher. So, your classroom can still operate as usual while also staying safe and healthy for all its occupants. 

That’s where the sneeze guards go to work.


School Desks 

While schools are doing their best to create social distance-friendly classrooms, space can only do so much in congested learning environments. That’s why we offer sneeze guard barriers for school desks to protect students throughout the day. Easy to install, shatterproof, and extremely durable — these protective solutions can be a great way to separate students without hindering the collaborative or social space that classrooms need to be.

    Teachers Desk 

    In order to keep both children and teachers safe, educators should also have sneeze guard protection at their desk to prevent the spread or transmission of respiratory illnesses. As the primary speaker in the room at all times, teachers should feel free to spread information and facilitate classroom discussion without worry. That’s where sneeze guards for desks offer the best defense, protecting both teachers and students throughout the school day. 

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      Sneeze Guard Solutions for Offices 

      We work with schools around the country to outfit their classrooms with sneeze guard barriers to help protect staff and students throughout the day. 

      Sneeze Guard Panels & Barriers 

      Whether you’re looking for sneeze guard barriers for school desks, teachers desks, or even custom options for laboratories — we’ll work with you to find the perfect solution. Here at Sneeze GuardEZ, we make our barriers super easy to install, which means you won’t have to fuss around with complex tools or equipment. Take advantage of our incredible products, crafted with care by our extraordinary team of designers, engineers, programmers, and metal fabricators.

      Custom Sneeze Guards + Protective Barriers 

      If your school needs unique sneeze guard solutions, whether for the classroom, special needs environments, or even laboratories — we can create custom options just for you. We understand the importance of protecting staff and students throughout the school year, which is why we work alongside you to develop the perfect sneeze guard solution to fit your needs. From the planning and design phase to the actual product creation, your voice will be heard with our incredible team of designers, engineers, and programmers. 

      Over the years, we’ve made some truly unique and innovative sneeze guard solutions for our customers. 

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      Our Commitment to Quality 

      We’ve become the #1 most trusted name in sneeze guard protection nationwide through unmatched service and product quality. We work with schools all around the country to outfit their learning environments with sneeze guard barriers. It’s an effective, affordable, and convenient way to preserve a collaborative learning space while also promoting health and safety. 

      Protect Your Classroom Today 

      As schools open their doors, protecting students and staff is crucial. With so much uncertainty surrounding these troubling times, it’s important to take safety measures seriously. Sneeze guards are a tried and true PPE solution that has been proven to prevent the spread of respiratory droplets. Give your parents, students, and staff the peace of mind they deserve with quality sneeze guard solutions from Sneeze GuardEZ. 

      We offer a wide range of protective products that your school can take advantage of today. Whether it’s desktop solutions, custom creations, and more — you can be certain that we have the sneeze guard barriers you need. 

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